The plague. It is in my home.

So we have had this nasty stomach bug that has been circulating around base.  Fingers were crossed that it wouldn’t infect anyone in our house. Somehow even though I work at a day care and my son goes to a day care I thought that we would be fine.

Surprise surprise, it is actually my daughter who woke up Saturday morning with an upset tummy.  Very unfortunate since she had a flag football game that morning but I wanted to keep her home just in case.  A few hours later after lunch here I hear that dreaded sound from the kitchen, the cough/gag. I knew little O was in there puking.

Thank God for tile floors is all I’m saying.

Sunday everyone is fine. Today everyone is fine.  Kept little O home this morning just to be on the safe side, don’t want him going back to school and spreading it around.

Hubby and I have had that general feeling of not being 100%. Don’t have to throw up, just don’t reeeaaaallly feel like eating anything heavy just in case.

And also decided to procrastinate my ass off, (as per usual) and had to stay up until 3am last night submitting a report to one of my teachers.  Yay for midnight east coast time deadlines.

Weekend you went by way too quickly.