My Life List

1. Learn to Scuba dive. (Working on it! 1 dive down!)

2. Fry chicken like a pro! Or at least better than I do now!

3. Visit Australia.

4. Do a Baltic Sea cruise.

5. Go to Holland for the tulip festival.

6. Get a puppy. (DONE! April ’11)

7. Surprise my husband with a vacation that I paid for entirely.

8. Go to Greece.

9. Stand under a waterfall. (DONE quite a few times since moving to Hawaii!)

10. Eat a crepe in France. (DONE! June ’10)

11. Make fudge from scratch.

12. Step foot on 6 continents N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (Sorry Antarctica, don’t think it’s going to happen!)

13. Decorate our home (wherever that may be). (Getting there! Having my designer sister come for a visit helped!)

14. Make silhouettes of my children.

15. Print out and frame and HANG 5 of my own photographs. (2 DONE!)

16. Host a SuperBowl Party. (DONE!)

17. Go to the Pro Bowl (DONE!)

18. Swim with sea turtles. (DONE! August ’12)

19. Wear a feria dress to feria. (DONE! May ’12)

20. Attend a bullfight. (DONE July ’09)

21. Start a compost pile. (Started one and failed, time for try number 2)

22. Learn to knit.

23. Get my Bachelor’s Degree. (DONE!)

24. Sunbathe topless in Europe. (DONE!)

25. Be 100% waste free for a day (to start!)

26. Eat 100 new fruits.

27. Swim with dolphins.

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