Mama’s Day

So I kinda hate Mother’s Day. It’s kind of like Valentine’s in that there is this big set up on what SHOULD happen… you are supposed to get pampered and spoiled and what have you and if you don’t then you are resentful and disappointed. It’s just weird. Honestly the only Mother’s Day request I ever have is that I just don’t want to cook or clean. And that pretty much never happens because I can’t stay out of the kitchen if someone else is poking around in there!

This year I ended up having a pretty great day. I invited a few of my fellow spouseless girlfriends over for brunch. I guess I don’t really mind cooking THAT much! Everyone brought over food and wine. Oh yes. Plenty of wine…

DSC_1515aYou know it’s going to be a good day when all three of you supply Moscato.


Silly kids (I get the giggles every time I look at Omar’s pepperoni eyes)DSC_1519aAnd even sillier mamas…

DSC_1520a(I am seriously SO blessed with the friends I have far and especially near to keep me from going crazy during this deployment!)

Mimosas were had. And had some more. Oh one more wouldn’t hurt…



And I even managed to snap a picture with each one of my crazies on Mother’s Day.


DSC_1528a(and yes my ELEVEN year old is almost as tall as I am. Scary!)







I’m kinda sorta in a HUGE funk right now. And I can’t shake it.

I don’t want to do anything, housework, cooking, leaving my house, I just want to stay home in my cocoon and be pissed off.

So to ensure that I actually get out of the house as well as hopefully get me in a better frame of mind, I have been scheduling the shit out of myself. PTA, fundraisers, Humane Society, dog sitting, Family Readiness Group, training, lunches, playdates, coffee, football. Anything so that I am not sitting at home thinking about how much longer I am going to be alone.

This sucks.

This wasn’t in my plan for Hawaii. We were going to explore the island together. I had so many more spots that I wanted to go to as a family and as a couple. We never made it to a luau and I won’t go to one without him now because that is something I want to do together.

I haven’t snorkeled since he left. That was our thing, man. Something that he found out he totally loved to do and something we loved to do together.

I was chatting with him tonight and mentioned how much they had done and he said something along the lines of it hardly matters. Which I understand. I mean what we still have left is more than a normal deployment, we have MONTHS to go before we even have a normal deployment left!

And I am angry. And sad. I feel cheated out of my time with my husband. Time that we were supposed to have together as a family. Part of it is the lack of warning or warm up time, it was so, so sudden. Part of it is the shear LENGTH! I don’t know how Army and Navy IA do this crap for a year. Over and over again.

I am just looking toward this sea of months left and thinking about everything that he is going to miss, and then he’ll be home and we’ll have to re-integrate which always sucks because he’ll feel like so much has changed since he was gone. And it will have changed, we’ll be different, the house will be different. And it’ll take time for us to get to the new normal after being separated for so long. I don’t want to deal with all that! We were in such an awesome space together as a couple and a family before he left.

Anyways. That is my vent. It’s not a unique one I know but this deployment has been particularly sucktastic.

So, pray for peace in the Middle East and all that, I want my man home.

End rant.

Care Packages!

While I hate pretty much everything about deployment, the one thing I do enjoy is sending care packages to my husband.  It’s been years since I’ve had to do it (5? 6? I don’t remember!) So I’ve been having fun coming up with ideas of what to send as well as making the boxes themselves fun.

This was the first box I sent out. I LOVE these large size priority boxes from the post office. First off, you get a discount if you are sending these particular ones to an APO/FPO. Second a 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper fits each side perfectly!  I decided to put some pictures on here, just printed them out on copy paper so I could glue them on. I was hoping it would give him a little boost to remember why he is doing this and what he has to look forward to when he comes home.


The next box I sent was my favorite and I forgot to take a dang picture of it! I am so mad at myself! I had it all decked out with a Navy theme, that one had the PS Vita he wanted as well as his iPad cover/stand he forgot to take. You’ll just have to picture it in your mind. It’s terrible but it was a good use for the Navy embellishments that I didn’t like and wasn’t going to use for actual scrapbooking but didn’t want to throw away. So don’t throw away your ugly stuff! Just use it on your husband, he doesn’t know the difference!


Okay, I normally try to split the box at least half and half between snacks/junk food and meal type food but this one went a little overboard on the junk food. What can I say? I am trying to eat less crap so when I see something tempting I just buy it and sent in off in a box. Seriously, those Pocky sticks were tough, I LOVE them!



And here is the latest box, just sent this one this weekend and I am a little mad at myself, didn’t realize how late it got in the month! I want this to get there before Halloween but it probably won’t.  This is my first ‘theme’ box.  I didn’t want to just sent a crap load of candy so I sent some other snacks in there too… The little jack o’ lantern tin was in the dollar section of Target, I put some of those single piece candies you see, pumpkin shaped snickers, rotten egg cadbury, etc. Also Target had the crinkle paper filler in lime green so that is in the bottom of the box. Oh and I found a stupid creepy mask at the exchange for a dollar so I threw that in too…


There are some things that I know I am going to put in (like the gel insoles, those steel decks are murder on feet!) febreeze to make his rack smell a little nicer and not like ship. Yes, ship. It is a VERY distinct odor. And haribo gummies, his favorite candy (which will hopefully bring back memories of the haribo candy store we couldn’t stay away from in Germany!)

But then a lot of times I just cruise the aisles of the grocery store or exchange and just see what crazy new stuff is out there.

But here is a list to help get started on packing those boxes:

Food – meals

Precooked rice packets

Cup o’ noodles

Microwave soup

Single serve mac & cheese

Tuna steaks

Tuna salad kit

Single serve oatmeal/cold cereal


Food – Snacks/Junk Food

Trail mix

hostess/little debbie stuff






Beef Jerky

Single serve cookie packs

Popcorn (I love the new bowl one)


Energy shots

Granola Bars/Clif Bars


Insoles (I bought the ones made for work boots)

Travel size toothpaste, shaving cream, qtips, shampoo, medication (they take up less space and I replenish them as needed. If your husband has hair a full size shampoo may work better for you!

Foot powder/spray (wearing those dang boots)


hand sanitizer

sanitizing wipes


Cards, letters, notes from the kids

Entertainment such as playing cards/dvd’s or handheld games


I do tend to send lots of food, the galley food isn’t the best and I want him to be able to have something to snack on if he’s hungry. If there is ever something he doesn’t like he can just give it away to someone else.  I am going to try to do the cake in a jar, we’ll see if it works and if it is still edible when he gets it however many weeks later!




End of the Season

So today was our last regular season game. We lost. Again. Really though I had SO much fun learning to play flag football with a great bunch of lhadies. We still have the playoffs/championship but that doesn’t start for a few weeks. Which is great because I jammed the hell out of my right ring finger on the VERY first play of the game today and it is killing me! It’s all bruised and swollen. Fabulous. One of those things that you don’t realize how much you use a body part until it’s injured. I can’t straighten it or bend it without it hurting. Even though I got hurt missing a flag and my hand hitting the ground I am still proud that I went for it. My whole life I have always been the girl that will not sacrifice her body for the ball. Nope, not me. And now I am regularly throwing myself after people and getting injured and banged up. I am loving it! At the ripe old age of 31 I am on a team for the first time in my life. Yes really. No sports really at all for me period. I’ve told people my whole life that I am not an athlete, I am a nerd. And while I am by no means the fastest or strongest out there, I am pulling my own weight and knocking some big girls on their butts out there!

I love being on the other side, I’ve always been the cheerleader (not literally, I mean that I am on the sidelines) of friends games, my husband’s games, my kids’ multiple multiple sports. I love that I have a team that counts on me to play a part. We have fun on and off the field.  It’s an interesting dynamic and I am glad that I finally did it. I have tried recruiting some of the other women I’ve met on the island to come play with me and it’s been a pretty resounding ‘no thanks, I’m not athletic’. But it’s so much more than just being in shape. I think joining a team is a great thing for every woman to try, especially moms because they very rarely ever have time ‘just for them’.

Off to nurse my poor finger and hopefully get a call from my husband! Another port visit equals LOTS of phone calls (ran out of skype credit yesterday, whoops!) I am trying to get him to ‘guest blog’ his port visits but he’s not too thrilled with the idea. Maybe if I can ever get the pictures I’ll post them!

Sometimes a Phone Call is All You Need

So my darling sweetie pie pulled into a port today and I got to talk to him for the first time in a couple of weeks. Even with emailing every day, it’s just not the same as talking to him. I was super happy he had access to wifi so we could facetime him.

The kids were fighting over the chance to see him and talk to him, they showed him every minute change in the house since he left. Omar even decided to show him how well he is reading (surprised the crap outta me today when we brought home hop on Pop from the library today! Who knew!)

So we all got to have a nice long talk with him and hopefully I’ll get another call tonight so can chat without kids jumping in on the conversation every five minutes.

I know these calls may be few and far between so I am loving the opportunity to talk to him. It’s so much better than email!

My only complaint is that we had just gotten home from my football practice so I was looking like hell on a holiday sweaty with no makeup… Love you honey, just look at what you are missing at home!

I am also going to start a little Five for Friday (yes it’s still Friday here, just barely) a little love list to my husband…

1. I love the way one of our kids can do something and we can catch each others eye and just laugh and laugh.
2. I love how you encouraged me to finish my degree and to go for my Master’s Degree.
3. I love how you are so dedicated to this family that you are doing a job that you don’t love to support us.
4. I can’t wait to be able to snorkel with you again, seeing that turtle was magical!
5. I love when we are watching a movie and you pull me over to snuggle under your arm.

Book recommendation: My Sailor Dad

So my bestie Janelle recommended this book for deployments. I’m not much into these kinds of books normally because they are generally pretty dumb and I don’t like them. I was spending a gift certificate (finally!) That my mom had gotten me from Barnes & Noble and grabbed it along with some cookbooks. (Can’t wait to dive into the newish PW!)

Anyway, this book, My Sailor Dad, is ADORABLE!  I love the writing, even if it’s in rhyme, why every children’s book must be in rhyme is beyond me. I love the illustrations and how each page has additional artwork like flags, or semaphore as well.

And yes, it is very Daddy-centric. No sailor mommies are present in this book.

At this point I got a little misty, especially when Omar pointed out that daddy did the same thing when he left (manned the rails).  Although there was none of that waving nonsense going on, parade rest, Sailors!  I think the book did a pretty good job of explaining why daddies have to leave in terms that my five year old could understand.  You can find it at Amazon & B&N.