Crazy Dog

So I was going to pick up the kids from school the other day and decided to take Bowser with me for the car ride. I put half the back seat down so he could sit/lie on the seat back … Continue reading

My big puppy

Look who had a birthday!


Bowser at 5 weeks, and at 2 years!

And yes I really did want to throw him a birthday party but resisted! Instead he got some special cookies from the Petco cookie bar, a trip to the dog park and a trip to the store to pick out a couple of new toys. (he is eating the chipmunk as we speak!)

I love this dog, yes, he drives me crazy, but he is my buddy!

Also I love that he is my guard dog during deployment, thank goodness he learned being protective from somewhere because he was NOT like this in Spain!


Finally! A REAL Dog Park!

So, we have one happy puppy after finally getting him to the dog park on base.

Our yard is pretty tiny and there isn’t much room for him to run.  So we try to get him up to the park at least every other day to run and get some energy out.

Always on the bottom of the dog pile. What a baby. Don’t worry, he loves every minute of it!





I wish I had taken a better picture of the dog park itself, it’s nice and big and has a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs. Bowser is just happy he can run and run and run.


Even happy to share his water bottle with a friend!



And at the end of an hour he is tired and ready to nap for hours. Perfect!

(Dog Park is located on Radford Drive near Doris Miller subdivision, next to the golf course.)

Wednesday.. Already? Finally? I don’t even know.

This has been a very weird week. I feel like time is dragging and flying by at the same time. How is that possible? It’s kinda bizarre because it’s almost like I can’t yet get excited for Hawaii. I mean I am excited, I think we’ll love it there, but there is still so much going on here that I have to get through. Packing out in two days, still stressing about the dog, sad about missing Spain.

Speaking of Spain, I am SO mad, I totally forgot to go to the gypsy market today (it’s like our local flea market and I LOVE it). I wanted to go one more time and I totally forgot until this afternoon and it’s only on Wednesdays. And I am so sentimental about it, like it really makes a difference that the last time I went I didn’t know it was going to be the last time? I am so weird.

I feel like I am running out of time. There were all these little things I wanted to do one more time, there are still a dozen places off the top of my head I wanted to go get more pictures of. I HAVE to go get pictures in the sunflowers. If we have to pull over on the way to the airport I am getting a picture in the sunflowers.

Leaving is just hard. Mckenna is going to have a hard time going from being with a million friends all day long to having none. (Thank goodness she has an email address!) I wonder how much Omar is even going to remember about living here. That is the craziest thing, he has lived here for most of his life, this is all he knows, I really can’t imagine him not remembering this house. Our beach. His daycare.

It’s hard to be getting ready to finish this chapter and start a new one. Starting over will all new friends. (Oh God how I hate trying to find the normal ones out of all the military wives!) Starting the kids in school, which is a HUGE change, both of my kids in school. It’s going to be so hard to watch them pack up our stuff this week. So much has changed in the four years we’ve been here in our tiny little house. We have to say goodbye to all of our stuff and who knows how much is going to change in the two (or more!) months until we see it again.

Change. I love it and hate it and it’s exciting and it sucks. That just about covers it.

Boxer lurve…

And he’s the one who swears he doesn’t even like the dog. Please.

We have SUCH a great dog. I don’t know if we just got lucky or what.  We know the people who have his brother and their dog is out of control.  Bowser may dig a hole every now and again but other than that (oh and that time when he chewed the leg off of one of Mckenna’s Monster High dolls) he is SO good.  He loves the kids, he barks and growls when there are strangers in our yard, he gets along great with other kids and dogs.

He is my shadow pretty much all day when I am home. Today the internet was out most of the morning (horror of horrors) so I actually had to clean my house. He just marches with me as I was walking from room to room, napping on the kitchen floor near me while I did the dishes.

Anytime people ask, I gush about this breed, they are very high energy, don’t get me wrong, but he has been a wonderful addition to our family.  I love this crazy dog!

Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

We had a fun weekend, took the dog to the beach, went to feria in Jerez, then out to dinner for Mother’s Day at Blanca Paloma, aka my happy place.

My kidlets were threatened that they better be on their best behavior so I could enjoy my favorite dinner, the beautiful day, and the sunshine. They did great, iPods and Nintendo DS’s helped.


Me and crazy pants. He demanded a silly photo.

The salad of my dreams. Fresh mozzarella, fresh pesto, sun-dried tomatoes. So, so good. I also had some bruchetta with tomato, provolone and feta.  No pictures of that because it was inhaled.

Happy Mom’s Day to me! I swear I don’t always have bitch face!

On our way out, the beach was PACKED when we got there and empty by the time we left. It was a beautiful day!

On Saturday a friend of mine and I took our boxers to the beach. This whole area is under water at high tide but at low tide there is a TON of room for them to run.  Swimming isn’t allowed so it stays empty and we can let the dogs run and they don’t bother anyone.


Bowser decided to cool off and get into the water. He’s never done this before, but once he realized how much it cooled him off he didn’t want to get out!  I don’t even know if he can swim! We’ll have to see this summer!

All three puppies! Bowser loves his buddies!

In the amount of time that we were there (maybe an hour total walking) I got sunburned! This Spanish sun is NO JOKE!