Thanks to Those Who Serve

This Veteran’s Day (and every day!) I want to send a big thank you to all our military. I get a front row seat to the sacrifices it takes to serve in the armed forces. I come from a pretty military heavy family. My paternal grandparents both served (love them both!)

 photo 2014-11-11163027_zps77ba2347.jpeg

 photo 2014-11-11163034_zps5dbb76ce.jpeg

I have aunts and uncles, two of my cousins (one who is now XO so proud of her!), and of course my favorite veteran, my wonderful husband.

Thanks for fighting the good fight babe. We all appreciate it.

 photo 10423840_10153278614697004_4473610633368223281_n_zps8b9756ef.jpg

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