Keeping busy…

Now that my kids are in school and my husband is back to work (oh how I enjoyed having him on leave for a month!) I have to find something to do to keep myself busy. I miss working which is crazy but I enjoy getting out of the house and making my own little paycheck. I don’t plan on going back to work full time since my husband will be working crazy ship hours, but I would like to find something part time while the kids are in school or maybe volunteer.

I have, however been signing up for stuff like crazy. I’ve joined a women’s flag football team and I am having a blast. It’s been a great way to meet some really fun ladies. We are almost all military wives although we have one military daughter and one DoD civilian. We have been practicing our asses off (and my poor quad and ankles are not forgiving me for it!) and we have our first game Sunday. Against the active duty Navy women’s team. Who are the two-time champions. No pressure! 

I also signed up for my first 5K. This is something I’ve been wanting to do and I’m not sure why it’s not on my life list. I’ve started running again and I was finally back to running a mile straight before hurting myself in football. Now I am hobbling all over the place. I am going to be doing The Color Run in November, seriously, how frickin’ fun does that look? Even if you just walk it! I am really happy that one of the girls on my football team started a color run team so I won’t be by myself!

Also I just found out about the Joint Spouse Conference in October, it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. There are a ton of different workshops to choose from. I am leaning toward signing up for Lei Making, Asian Cooking, Beyond the Mai Tai, and Digital Photography. We will see what is still available when registration opens at 8am tomorrow!

Oh, and an update on our stuff! I’ve been calling the moving company at LEAST once a week to get updates on our stuff. I was really frustrated because it has been sitting in Long Beach for weeks going through customs and then there was some kind of consolidation issue (I guess getting enough containers coming over here at the same time? I don’t even know.) I had called last Friday before the long Labor Day weekend to see if maybe just maybe it got on the boat and wouldn’t be sitting there ignored for another three days. Nope, no such luck. Still in CA. 

So I call back today, (really I am probably annoying the crap outta them but c’mon, I want my stuff!) and they transfer me to someone and tell me our stuff arrived on island on Sunday, the 2nd. WHAT?? So that is a very unexpected happy surprise! We probably won’t get it for another week or two because it takes forever for stuff to clear the customs there (I think our Volvo was there for a week) but it’s here. Like 10 minutes away from me! So while I am seriously NOT looking forward to unpacking, I am looking forward to having my clothes, my kitchen and my kids toys back in my possession! Just praying that everything made it safe and sound!

7 thoughts on “Keeping busy…

  1. Yay for household goods! Do play flag football with the group that practices at Halsey? I walk my dog by you all almost every day and you ladies look great 🙂 Good luck with your first game. I am also doing the color run in Nov., it’s going to be fun! I am looking forward to the conference. This is the first time I am going, have you been before?

    • Yes, that’s us! We have room for more if you are interested! I’ve never been to one of the conferences, it looks fun though! What workshops are you signing up for?

  2. OMIGOSH! This does not make me feel good about moving. I’ll have to remember to call frequently about our stuff once we get on island. We’re still waiting on our official orders…talk about frustrating. Can’t do much of anything with just an RFO!

  3. Reb, Steph says you got whooped! I think your team should whoop ’em back! So fun that you’re
    running… can’t imagine any better scenery anywhere!

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