Book recommendation: My Sailor Dad

So my bestie Janelle recommended this book for deployments. I’m not much into these kinds of books normally because they are generally pretty dumb and I don’t like them. I was spending a gift certificate (finally!) That my mom had gotten me from Barnes & Noble and grabbed it along with some cookbooks. (Can’t wait to dive into the newish PW!)

Anyway, this book, My Sailor Dad, is ADORABLE!  I love the writing, even if it’s in rhyme, why every children’s book must be in rhyme is beyond me. I love the illustrations and how each page has additional artwork like flags, or semaphore as well.

And yes, it is very Daddy-centric. No sailor mommies are present in this book.

At this point I got a little misty, especially when Omar pointed out that daddy did the same thing when he left (manned the rails).  Although there was none of that waving nonsense going on, parade rest, Sailors!  I think the book did a pretty good job of explaining why daddies have to leave in terms that my five year old could understand.  You can find it at Amazon & B&N.

2 thoughts on “Book recommendation: My Sailor Dad

  1. It is so cool that Omar LOVES his kids so much – and you so much. Love of family comes before love of country and Omar has a big enough heart for all. Love and hugs, Mom

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