Military Offer From Costco!

I just had to share this!

I was looking around online for a military discount for Costco because I want some other options to but meat and produce.  I stumbled upon this great deal that Costco is offering military-affiliated new members.

You do need to verify your military affiliation which I did using my Tricare Prime card (one of the options) because it has the least amount of personal information on it, just my name.

The offer gives you $50+ in freebies when you sign up for a new membership. My offer says it includes a free rotisserie chicken, a free pack of bottled water, and a free 48 pack of AA batteries, plus more. You pretty much get the cost of membership reimbursed in goodies!

This offer says it is good until March 31, 2013. If you are already planning on getting a membership you can’t beat this deal!

Costco Military Membership Offer

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