Six months in Hawaii… living life

So we’ve been here six months now. I still love it and I love the fact that I am learning my way around better and better all the time, we have a dentist, a favorite beach, and the weather is still pretty damn awesome in January.

I am still having a hard time finding someone who I really click with. I have a horrible habit of meeting someone, getting along really well and thinking there is more than a casual friendship there. If I am friends with you I want to be FRIENDS with you.  But it’s hard finding that, it doesn’t come around all that often. So I thank my lucky stars and my unlimited minutes cell phone plan that I have my bestie Janelle. 

I have been up to my eyeballs in stuff to do, football, FRG meeting stuff, all the everyday stuff that goes along with living. Just keeping busy so we can knock off more time that daddy has been gone.

I have lots of stuff that I am working on around the house, still exercising which is good, been pretty good with how I have been eating. I really have no complaints, if my husband were home with me I would be pretty damn happy. I really wouldn’t mind staying here for 5 years instead of 3, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

2 thoughts on “Six months in Hawaii… living life

  1. Hi! My name is Melanie (Mell). Ran across your blog while re-checking some real estate on the Big Island. Have some babbling to do so please just go w/ it. 🙂 Your children are beautiful and they’re lucky to have a Mom that so involved in their day to day activities. BTW. Loved the b-day cake!! I thought it was me until reading abt the icing mishap. However, it was just a “purple lava flow” cake!

    I sypmathize w/ your plight of thinking you’ve made a new friend and then… not really. I’m a gregarious person and never meet a stranger, but “friends” are a different ballgame entirely. I have a small group of friends but tons of aquaintenances. When you’re away from “home” everything is exaserbated by the fact that you can call your “bestie” but not meet for lunch.

    We go to Oahu every 2 years and stay for approx 3wks. We have been LUCKY to fall in w/ a great group of people there. Since our 1st year Bill and I spend Thanksgiving w/ our Hawaiian ohana. If I may make an off the cuff observation of what I read. It seems as though you have a really full plate and I wonder how much time you really have to devote to yourself and cultivating friendships w/ grownups. Please forgive! I’m NOT trying to be harsh!! Are you ABLE to have some time of your own or are you just too busy w/ school, work, kids, household etc. (God bless! I COULDN’T DO IT!!) It would be nice if you could go to a wine tasting, happy hour for half price apps, the weekly/monthly movie on the beach in Waikiki (maybe seasonal) by Diamond Head. It’s fun and free! Just a thought…

    If all else fails, hubby Bill and I will be back Thanksgiving 2014. If we stay in contact (I’m not online much) let’s go to lunch. Why not? You can never have too many friends OR acquaintenances no matter where you/they live.


    P.S. — Thank you for the sacrafices you, your children and your husband are making. You are appreciated and don’t ever forget that!!!

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