Joint Spouse Conference – Schofield Barracks

I LOVED attending the Joint Spouse Conference last year when it was hosted by the Navy on Ford Island. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to go to this one either. It is always a super bargain for all of the great workshops you get to do.

Of course the Army had to put their own stamp on the decor:DSC_0357

DSC_0358Cute but Army boots are no match for all things nautical, am I right?

My first workshop of the day was a painting workshop. Super excited for it because I am NOT a painter.  I was pretty happy with my cool little Hawaiian flower.

DSC_0362I am happy with it, of course there were some VERY gifted artists in the group making the rest of us look bad. Show-offs…

Next up was the workshop I was actually most excited to attend, the Oahu Army Natural Resources Program was giving a tour of it’s facilities on the base. They cultivate the endemic plant species of Hawaii and help clear invasive species. It is really cool to learn what they do and how much work can go into keeping a species of plant alive. They also do volunteer hikes to go clear invasive plants off the mountains, sign me up!

Hawaiian flowersMy final workshop was another super cool one (I hit the jackpot this year!) SCUBA! This was just an intro lesson done in a pool to get you used to the equipment. We still had such a fun time.



DSCF4325I had such a great day having some great times with some awesome ladies. This conference is a wonderful experience and they are already gearing up for the one in 2014, Marines are hosting this time so it should be fun!

Joint Spouse Conference Info

6 thoughts on “Joint Spouse Conference – Schofield Barracks

  1. What? Army boot treads as giant stamps = who knew? Love your painting = hang it right now, so cool! You get to do the coolest stuff AND you had your underwater camera…amazing fun!

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