I think that everyone’s idea of Hawaii is living beachside all day every day. I wish. Unfortunately life gets in the way and I go WEEKS without going to the beach. It’s pretty sad I know. I was born and raised in California so I love all things beach and ocean related. It’s a crime to not enjoy what I have minutes from my front door.
After a hectic week and weekend, I was once again driving my daughter all around island. This time to sell Girl Scout cookies for her troop. It was ALLLLLLL the way out in Kapolei (silly it’s only 25 min from my house but feels so far… aaahhh island life) and I didn’t want to drive home then back out again in a few hours to pick her up. I am a champion time waster and was going to hit up Costco and Target and get some lunch.

After dropping her with her troop I went to check out Costco, pure madness on a Sunday afternoon.

I decided to get something to eat and find someplace to eat it. Commence drive around randomly to find beach access. I pulled up satellite Google Maps on my phone and started driving through the industrial area looking for beach access. You HAVE to allow beach access in Hawaii. Finally, I spot surf!

 photo C4998A1F-5F70-467A-A5BC-CC9B36FD501B_zps24qwpquu.jpg

There is nothing like having a beach all to yourself.

 photo 81443C28-2632-4199-ABA2-A8855898BBF9_zpshdcdbrwv.jpg


It was exactly what I needed. Hot sand, super loud crashing waves and a big ass coke to drink.
 photo E22D12D0-A3DE-4F5F-A758-43F97CE25A69_zpsevbhqy0i.jpg

I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my afternoon. This was way better than Target therapy!
Lots of pretty tidepools to explore although Hawaii tidepools are pretty tame compared to California. I saw a bunch of tiny gobies and convict tangs and some really pretty feather dusters (my first time seeing these in the wild actually!)
 photo 61E5C878-4477-4E2B-A590-0980973929EF_zpsburorojy.jpg

It was a reminder to myself that I have to stop taking all this awesomeness around me for granted. An hour on the beach recharged me. (Plus I have to be able to post beach pictures in March to annoy all of my cold climate friends)
 photo b1aa0026-e96d-4159-b3b3-d0aa719e6c0b_zps9b15d90f.jpg