Does no one blog anymore?

I kinda stepped back from my blog for a little while. Not just my blog but all of the fabulous bloggers I read, some of whom I have followed for YEARS. I am so sick and tired of every.single. post. being sponsored, a product review, or a link-up, or some other money/traffic/follower generated post instead of REAL WORDS. Sponsored post? I immediately click past it. Yes I know your words are your own but funny think I have NEVER read a negative sponsored post or review. Yes I have joined some link ups but I have also found some great new blogs that way, but I don’t use GFC so I won’t be following you anytime soon. 

I started my blog really to share some of the issues with being a military spouse, moving all over the world, and things to do when you get there. I love being out and about and I love to help people find hikes, places to go and food to eat. 

/end rant


3 thoughts on “Does no one blog anymore?

  1. I hear ya! I can get irked at those posts too. True, I may blog wish list items, but that’s just one part of my blogging aesthetic. I talk about my family and that’s actually my main posts. So bravo for you for writing this 🙂

  2. Your blog post came up when I googled that no one truly blogs anymore. I’ve had personal blogs on and off since about 2005 and it has really taken quite a dive. There doesn’t seem to be much depth to blogs anymore, at least not the “top” blogs. =

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