Oh Lordy I Am Getting Old!

Birthday time again! I really love birthdays, well any celebration or excuse for a party really. I think I am just shocked when I realize that I have to turn another year older. Am I REALLY not 23 anymore? Amazingly, no. And I was looking toward a bummer of a birthday weekend without my husband here to spoil me. All I have to say is I have some amazing friends who came to my rescue and made my birthday weekend memorable!

My actual birthday was on Saturday but we grabbed the opportunity to have an adult lunch without kids on Friday while they were all still in school. I chose a new place I have been dying to try, Scratch. OMG, go there if you can. It was outstanding.

Got a little baby action, I love cuddling this baby girl! photo IMG_2644_zps55aa8edc.jpg

My lunch, a crispy chicken sandwich with all sorts of yumminess inside and a warm brussel sprout salad.  photo 2014-11-14115809_zpse0a78f46.jpg

My friends both ordered this, I can’t remember the name but it was pork and rice and a runny egg. Beautiful! photo 2014-11-14115813_zps941258c7.jpg

On my actual birthday we did have some plans, or rather Mckenna had some plans… The girl has become a wrestler. She is only in 7th grade but the local high recruits middle schoolers to start wrestling early. This was her second tournament and managed to snag a 2nd place spot. She really loves it and I am so happy she is brave enough to dive into totally new sports. This girl has no fear!

 photo 2014-11-15174638_zpsbfcad6d4.jpg


My sweet friends decided no birthday is complete without wine, s’mores, and cake. And we had plenty of all three that night. My s’mores fire was seriously lacking but the kids had fun making marshmallows for us. And I got a yummy vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and toffee bits!  photo 2014-11-15204216_zps49bd5753.jpg


Silly me had scheduled an early morning hike with our spouses group the next morning. So we dragged ourselves out of bed to go hike Makapu’u Lighthouse. I could have just bailed because no one else showed up. Oh well, at least we all got up and out of bed! The whales are back for winter and we managed to see a few splashing around.

 photo 2014-11-16101437_zpsa1f7364d.jpg


Group shot! Thanks to a passing hiker who took it for us and made Omar get into the frame.  photo 2014-11-17020112_zps0b3e9b2f.jpeg

Hey cutie!

 photo 2014-11-16100358_zps8e998d5b.jpg

Nothing like a tree pose on a rocky ledge. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t do something halfway stupid on a hike. Next time I will try something a little more challenging… maybe a standing bow? Or not. photo 2014-11-17020122_zps35c0c019.jpeg


And lord knows it’s not a day with my friends if it doesn’t involve food. We are currently addicted to Cinnamon’s which thankfully isn’t closer or we would be there daily. My son has become quite the Loco Moco addict.


Loco moco, you ask? It’s a local breakfast dish that is made with rice, a hamburger steak, gravy and a over easy egg on top. Oh it’s good. I settled for eggs benedict, some bites of his loco moco and a side order of guava chiffon pancakes to share. (Oh and they are as good as they sound) photo 2014-11-16121700_zps89d36329.jpg


After such a great weekend can I really complain about getting older? Not if I get to celebrate like this every year!