Gearing up for a Lego-tastic Birthday!

My lovely daughter recently turned twelve and she has her birthday party this weekend. We are having it at a beach so I am not going crazy with decor because there isn’t TOO much to decorate!
We did make some really cute invitations:


I just bought a pack of notecards and some brightly colored card stock. I just cut the card stock to fit the front of the card. I then used a circle punch to punch out circles and attached them with glue dots so they would be a little raised. They turned out great! I even downloaded a cute Lego font for the inside of the cards.

I am now elbows deep trying to design a Lego brick birthday cake and get it done before Saturday! So far I have three pretty cakes; vanilla, dark chocolate, and red velvet.


Each one is going to be cut, stacked and turned into a brick.

I also made some homemade fondant because store bought is SO awful. I found a recipe online for marshmallow fondant. It was relatively easy but pretty messy! Especially because I had two kids helping out!


Three tubs of girly fondant colors done!


Now all to do is trim cakes, crumb coat, cover with fondant and stack! We shall see if I can finish it tomorrow!

Underwater Waikiki

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Aoki’s Shave Ice

This is (was) my favorite shave ice place on the North Shore. Unfortunately this is the last chance we got to go there before they were tearing this building down and moving locations. I hate it when that happens… I have a fondness for old, funky buildings.

The hardest part, always? Deciding on a flavor! I am fallen in LOVE with guava, something my boy put me onto (how my 6 year old is all of a sudden a more adventurous eater is beyond me) Guava, lilikoi (passion fruit) and cherry is my flavor combo of the moment. And no beans, ice cream or condensed milk… I like a classic shave ice.




Leah, my niece, getting her ‘small’ shave ice. You should see the large, its as big as your head.DSC_0183



Happy sugared up kiddos… DSC_0184

Get Your Luau On!

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Schools Out!


And SOMEONE isn’t pleased about having to get his picture taken with his older sister…DSC_1619


You would have thought I would get bigger smiles on the last day of school than on the first day!

After dropping them off, Steph and I ran over to the airport lei stands to pick out some leis for the kiddos to wear.

Back to school in time to see Mckenna receive an award for her work with the library club.DSC_1626Then she got to wear her pretty leis… It was pretty hard to narrow it down but I love the ones we found for her!



After that we stopped by and hung out with Omar and his class for an end of the year party. I can’t believe all those babies I met at the beginning of the year are now going into first grade!  We are going to be so sad to not have Mrs. M next year!

DSC_1644Please note the manly leis we got for Omar, and I even grabbed one for the teachers.

School’s out, time for a treat. Off to Menchie’s for some frozen yogurt. I love, love, love the fruit punch and lemonade sorbet. I think those are my new summer favorites!

DSC_1648 DSC_1647



Holy Crap, My Daughter Can Play the Piano

Miss Mckenna has been taking piano lessons for a few months now with a private teacher who we just LOVE. Her teacher got together with some other music teachers in the area to have a mini recital for all the kids.

Mckenna was SUPER nervous about playing in front of people but I thought it would be really good for her.




She was so nervous she didn’t even smile the entire time. It didn’t help that this was the first time she had played on a grand piano! She is used to a keyboard at home and an upright at the piano teachers! She did great!


All the kids who participated also received a certificate which I thought was very sweet. I am looking forward to attending many more recitals!