Underwater Waikiki

Continuing the touristy recap of my in-laws visiting… We did the Atlantis Submarine tour. I have to give my husband credit, he found this one. I was worried that it would be kinda lame since we do quite a bit of snorkeling so we are used to seeing reef fish. I was pleasantly surprised at how many fish we saw and it was just plain cool being in a submarine.  Again ITT tickets were almost half price. The check-in for the sub is on the beach side of the Hawaiian Hilton, you then walk out on the pier there to wait for the tender.





Riding out to meet our submarine… took the girls up to check out the scenery. Don’t you love how they coordinated their clothes! Cute cousins!DSC_0200


LOTS of bubbles as the submarine surfaces.










There are two different subs, we were on the smaller (cheaper) version. I think the other one has more room and bigger portholes. I didn’t have any problems with this one. There is a little gauge on the wall that shows how deep we were, we ended up going over 100 feet underwater.


Like I said we were pretty deep and there isn’t a ton of color at that depth. We did see tons of fish. There are natural and man made reefs right off of Waikiki. Quite a few wrecks as well. It’s a pretty popular scuba-diving spot (although I would be nervous diving with all these subs driving by!) If you look closely you can see a sea turtle hanging out on the front of that wreck. It was pretty cool, they passed by everything twice so both sides got to see.DSC_0236a



This pic just makes me laugh, I had to grab a selfie (with a DSLR, looking like an idiot) before we walked off, and the expression on the lady behind me is hilarious. I’m going, I’m going… DSC_0246

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