This Girl

*sitting around the dinner table talking about carpet (I don’t really know why)*

Mckenna: Just call a carpenter and they can install the carpet.

Me: Mckenna, you do know that carpenters don’t install carpets, right?

Mckenna: uh…….

*cue us laughing our butts off*

Say what?

So yesterday I am at a baby shower, Mckenna is running the streets somewhere, either at the pool or a friends (and actually SHOWED UP at the baby shower I was at to use their pool!) Omar is writing a paper in our room and little Omar is playing/entertaining himself.

My husband relayed this conversation:

Son: Daddy, how do you make love?

Husband: (not 100% listening because he is typeing/a little frustrated at being interrupted for the 800th time that day) What?

Son: Daddy, how do you make love?

Husband: (pushing the chair from the desk and trying to figure out if he just heard what he thought he heard) WHAT?

Son: Daddy, how do you make love? How do the letters go? (Walking in with a paintbrush)

Husband: HA! L-O-V-E.

Omar was busy painting a picture with the names of our family who he loves. So sweet and had me cracking up!

Sometimes I worry about her…

Me: Hey hun, when we are back in the states you want to use the free Busch Gardens tickets?

Him: I don’t know, I’d rather do King’s Dominion…

Me: Oh wait, we can use them for Water Country!

My daughter: No, I love Busch Garden, they have the best salad.

(My husband and I look at each other and start laughing)

(Somebody get this girl back to America!)