Friday Night Bunco!

So Friday night I co-hosted a bunco game with one of my friends from work. We have a group of ladies that get together once a month and take turns hosting. This month was going to be 24 women and there is no way that that many would fit in either one of our houses we we rented out one of our local facilities, the fleet recreation center.

It ended up being the perfect size, we had a few ladies drop out at the last minute (like always) but still ended up with 20.

Bunco is super easy, the fun is in getting together. Our theme for the night was pajama party, so everyone came in pajamas and brought a gift with that theme.

And there was so. much. food. I was cooking up a storm because I am paranoid about not having enough to eat. I shouldn’t have been worried!

I made buffalo chicken dip, broccoli salad, greek couscous salad, crab dip, popeye dip, amaretto slushies and cheesecake stuffed strawberries.  There were also meatballs, a breakfast casserole, ham sandwiches, cupcakes, cranberry apple crisp and banana pudding. Oh and a giant tub of jungle juice. It was deadly.

Everyone ended up having a great time and even though I didn’t win a money prize I went home with a gift I wanted. The same one I brought! Evil, but I really liked the blanket I picked out!

It’s the Little Things {new shoes & Saturdays}

The little things that made my week:

Mama got a new pair of shoes… Of course the LAST thing I needed was another pair of impractical heels but damn it, I just can’t resist! $30 and hey I wore them to the mall today so at least they won’t be sitting unworn in my closet!

Yay for new shoesies!

Friday night I went to Bunco with some friends, I only knew a couple of people that were there and was a little bit nervous about going but it ended up being SO much fun. Bunco is basically Yahtzee for inebriated women.  Ended up being there until after 1am and then caught a ride back to base…. I think some of the hard core ladies were going to go out on the town for drinks… Have fun, I was wiped out!

My husband dragging me out for a 3.75 run/walk (that really should be walk/run because my butt is WAY outta shape) It was horrible but I’m still glad I did it… He had to keep running ahead and doubling back because I am so slow so he probably ran more like 6 miles!

And to make up for the run, we had dinner at McDonald’s! We RARELY eat fast food, maybe once a month so it was a yummy treat. I do love me some Big Macs, and the fries here are WAY better than stateside.
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