Hawaiian Pumpkin Patch

So a couple of weeks ago I got to go on a field trip with Omar’s class to the pumpkin patch. I was pretty surprised that there was even a pumpkin patch on the island but it was a really nice local farm that also grown watermelon, corn, onions, bananas, eggplant and sunflowers.

Listening to our speaker tell us all about the produce they grow as well as how to properly pick a pumpkin. {Twist, twist, pull!}


The hayride was great, we got to tour the farm and see the variety of produce they grow. Also? Carpet over the hay? Genius, especially since we were all wearing shorts!

What does your pumpkin patch not also grow bananas?

Sweet corn… I couldn’t resist buying farm fresh corn!


“My” kids…


I don’t know how I ended up with such a great group of kids. They all stayed with me. And listened! I wish it was because the teacher loves me but it was totally random and I was assigned the 5 kids standing closest to me!


Now off to picking. I have never been to a pumpkin patch where you actually got to pick your pumpkin off the vine. It was a really cool experience. Except the fact that I was with a very particular bunch of kids. It took us the longest to get our pumpkins!





One quick pic with mama to prove I was there!

The sunflowers reminded me of Spain. There are a million sunflower fields in bloom around where we lived. So then I was all sad and nostalgic and missing Spain. But I do love it here so very much.

After everyone had a pumpkin in hand we rounded them all back onto the bus and went to the park for lunch. It was beautiful and peaceful and quiet (well it was until our school got there…)


And can I put a PSA out there from all teachers and field trip chaperones? For God’s sake, don’t send lunchables on field trips unless your kid can open them! We spend 10 minutes just opening those!


We also got to feed some koi. It was a bit insane but the kids loved it.

And this just because. If this picture doesn’t accurately describe my son I don’t know what does…



Zoo Botanico Jerez

So this week I got to go on a field trip with my son’s daycare class to the local zoo… While the zoo isn’t huge the kids still had a great time.

We left base around 9am  with cloudy skies overhead. I was just praying it wouldn’t rain, especially since I forgot to grab my umbrella.

Here they are sitting all cute on the front steps of the zoo: (blurred to protect the not so innocent)

Right when you walk in the flamingos and peacocks are putting on a show.  This is also where the zoo personnel did a group shot and individual shots.

The kiddos with their teachers. I LOVE my kids teachers.

This little monkey was the first animal exhibit we stopped at and I kid you not, one of the kids went running toward it and smacked face first into the glass. Bloody lip and crying – fabulous.  Thankfully his mom was there and he was all patched up and go to go in a minute.

I can’t tell if this is a peacock or a peahen, I’m not really a fan of the white ones, the colorful ones are so much prettier.

This big boy was making rather rude noises with his mouth. The kids were in hysterics they thought he was farting, but really I think he was flirting with the female? He would blow this big pink bubble thing out of this mouth. I have NO idea, I have never seen a camel do that before.

Hey there pretty lady, I will take your eyelashes!

These storks nest all over Andalucia, it’s pretty cool. Their nests are HUGE. You can hear them clatter their beaks together when they are talking to each other.

Random flower photos? Yes, Please! I love this flower and I have no idea what it is called. It grows facing the ground and is so pretty.

O and two of his best buddies.

The color on this guy was amazing! This pic is blurry because he was pacing back and forth but it was crazy how close we were. I could have stuck my hand through the fence if I wanted to. Love European zoos!

After we had seen most of the animals we stopped for lunch just as it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing!   We were under a pavilion so we stayed nice and dry.  After lunch the kids got to go get their faces painted while all of the parents had to sit and wait at the coffee shop.  Ordered up a cafe manchado (cafe con leche is still a bit to strong for me) and sat and chatted with the rest of the parents while we drank coffee and stayed out of the rain.

End of the day being silly.

Back onto the bus we went and those kids all managed to stay awake until 1:30 when we got back. Of course by then they were all so overtired they were cranky pants! O even took a nap even though he NEVER takes naps anymore.

I was happy to finally get a chance to go to the Zoo since we hadn’t been the whole time we’ve lived here! Both of the kids had gone with school but the one time we tried going was a Monday and they were closed!

If you’re here take they kids, they’ll love it!

Zoo Botanico Jerez

Up the hill from Area Sur mall, closed Mondays! 9 euro adult entrance fee, kids 6 euro, under 3 free.