Best Birthday Ever! (so she says)





The best birthday (ever!) started off with an owl delivering her Hogwart’s Acceptance letter… All those familiar with the Harry Potter series know that you get your letter on your eleventh birthday. I had so much fun making this, let me know if you are interested in a template! 

Also another bonus, having your birthday fall on National Pancake Day… Letter M pancakes on the menu! (While sporting your brand new birthday outfit! New tradition, one present in the morning containing a new outfit for school that day!)


And a special delivery at school of cake pops for her class (purple ones of course!) and a bouquet of balloons (more purple! Are you seeing a theme?)

photo (20)



The afternoon was spent at soccer practice (more cake pops!) and then Papa John’s for dinner… Those are the birthday meal requests I love! She got to open some really fun gifts from us and family members. The highlight was the PS Vita, it was such an awesome gift it even made her hug her brother! DSC_0062Glad you had a wonderful birthday sweetie! You deserve it!