Another Boring Beach Day

Good ol’ Ko’olina Lagoon. Can’t beat this beach for great weather and calm water. While my sister was hear we had a run of rainy weather up on the north shore and windward side of the island, where the best beaches happen to be! We ended up heading out west to lagoon 4 for some snorkeling and sun. The snorkeling isn’t terrible, I went out once and saw a decent variety considering the lagoons are manmade. The last time we were here a turtle had snuck in but we weren’t so lucky this time. All in all, you really can’t go wrong at too many beaches in Hawaii…




Mckenna and her aunty Steph. These two were having way too much fun out there.DSCF1460a


And apparently getting a good shot of your feet while you are floating is difficult because I had about 20 bloopers on my camera… Mckenna did manage to catch a cute pic of her footsies.DSCF1469a


I don’t think he was grumpy? Not that I remember anyways…. tired and ready to go home though.


Also! We were getting ready to pack up when this woman came over freaking out, she had been sitting next to us with some friends and had left a little while before. Apparently she took off her rings when putting sunscreen on her kids and set them on the blanket (!!!) When they left her friend shook the blanket off while packing up not knowing the rings were on it. The lady was FRANTICALLY looking for them so a bunch of us starting to help sift sand. We finally convinced her to talk to one of the marina staff which she did and they were able to find someone that had a metal detector to come help her and for us to stop (I guess what we were doing was possibly making it worse) We left before the guy got there so I don’t know what happened but I hope she found her rings! Anyways, that is my PSA for the day, leave your rings at home if you don’t want to get sunscreen on them!

Ko’Olina Lagoons

Well the kids are finally back in school for their two day school week, but I wanted to share some more of our fun Spring Break adventures… On Monday we hit up Ko’Olina Lagoon, specifically #4 near the marina.

These lagoons are all man made but it makes for some great swimming for the kids. The water is nice and calm and there is a nice reef right outside the lagoon to keep the critters out. Unsuccessfully, there was a 4 foot reef shark spotted in here last week! No sharks for us, we did get a quick glance of a honu or green sea turtle. He was too fast for me to snap a picture.koolina

Yes the water is really that beautifully clear. And it was hot and sunny the entire time we were there, getting updates from all our Honolulu friends who were getting a downpour and my Virginia family who was getting snow! koolina1Shortly after I took the picture of our beach site I got reprimanded for having a tent up. I forgot that I am not too fond of this beach. Lots of rules, no umbrellas or tents, which is crazy because this is over on the west side which is the hottest side of the island! We did get to glimpse the cutest baby octopus ever! I don’t know how they even saw him in the water!


Ko’olina Lagoon aka Sometime you just need to go to the beach

So after  long day of fun we decided to keep driving west until we hit the beach. One of the best beaches on that side of the island are the Ko’olina Lagoons. We grabbed a spot, pulled the ever-present beach chairs from the trunk, and just enjoyed this fabulous life we have.





This was one of the best sunsets I’d seen since we moved here, we are rarely over on the west side of the island and the sunsets just aren’t quite as pretty from Pearl Harbor, too much in the way!  Stunning.



Mckenna of course wanted to model for me… This girl loves having her picture taken but it’s hard to get one now where she isn’t posing like a crazy person. 


And then there is this kid who HATES having his picture taken but I can occasionally get such a wonderful shot of him I could die.


Okay, disgusting post I know, my kids are gorgeous, I live in paradise. What can I say, it’s a rough life!