Eat This: Nutella S’mores

Oh how many years I have wasted not eating these! I was sitting around thinking to myself that I could REALLY go for some s’mores (what? it’s summer, don’t judge me!) but I am not the person who has Hershey bars just randomly sitting around my house. (those suckers are GONE within a day)

What do I keep on hand? Nutella. Once I thought of this I was astonished I’ve never heard of these before. (Yes I am sure millions of people have but I am a bit of a Nutella addict and I was surprised that this isn’t all over the place.)

Commence Nutella s’more making!

Of course this is ridiculously easy and doesn’t really need directions, but you need to have these in your mouth!

The cast of characters. And even if you are like me and have a box of graham crackers that were slightly stale and some marshmallows starting to stick together, I promise these will still be yummy!

Some of this action needs to happen.  Those marshmallows were roasted over an open electric burner. The firepit was just too much work. I am not proud of this.

C’mon, you don’t really need instructions right? The moment you even read Nutella s’mores you were already digging in your cabinets.

Come to mama…