My micro-homestead

This post is laughably titled because somehow I still manage to have the blackest thumb ever. My ideal home would have some land so I can do a garden and have some more livestock, but man. I don’t know why I can’t keep my plants alive!

One thing I am growing, courtesy of this fabulous island, is an adorable baby pineapple!

 photo 2014-08-18174319_zps7b0680e8.jpg

I know a lot of people are surprised to see how pineapples grow, straight out the top, one per plant. You can actually regrow them from the crown of a pineapple (and that’s how the plantations around here to it). I have lot’s of pineapple plants (we eat a LOT of them!) but this is my first one to bear fruit! So excited to harvest it!

On the livestock front my crazy ass chickens have gotten big and keep me very entertained. They’ve been laying eggs for a few months now and I have to say have a couple organic cage free eggs every morning is pretty awesome. I can’t find any of my nest box pictures but they lay the prettiest brown and blue/green eggs.

They are also curious little pigs. Every time the sliding door opens they come running hoping for a treat. No matter how I try to keep them off the lanai they sneak back in! And will walk right into the house if the doors open!

 photo 2014-10-26080412_zps8efdf538.jpg

I really don’t think I knew just how much fun chickens can be. They really do have personalities and will let themselves be picked up. They are also great at turning over a compost pile and keeping the creepy crawlies out of the yard!