Hola from Rota, Spain!

Hey there! I am a Navy spouse living on Naval Station Rota, Spain. We’ve lived here for over 3 years and we’ve loved pretty much every minute of it. Living overseas has been an adventure and we’ve travelled all over Europe with our two kids.
We recently found out that we will be making the LONG journey from our Spanish casa to a new Hawaiian home! I’m really excited to experience living in Hawaii and I am looking forward to travelling in the Pacific.

Many people may not be cut out for island life but I am not one of them! I am a beach bum and my kids are both water babies and year ’round summertime sounds just right to me!

Living overseas isn’t for everyone, I know many, many people who complain about the lack of Target, Starbucks or American restaurants. And yes, it does suck not having the conveniences of home at my fingertips but I wouldn’t trade it for evenings spent at my favorite pizza place on the bay, watching the sun set. Or meeting so many wonderful Spanish friends who have shown me just how much a feria can be.

I am excited but sad about my upcoming move and now feel the need to cram in as much as I can before I leave this insanely wonderful country!

5 thoughts on “Hola from Rota, Spain!

  1. So you read my blog, so you must know that we’re moving to Hawaii too? Have we met in real life? If not, I’m Jenn. My husband is on subs, I don’t do anything. What are ya’ll going to be doing in Hawaii? When are you going? Any idea where you’re going to live or send your kids to school?

    • Jenn, I actually found your blog because we were trying to get orders to Guam. We have a good friend that moved there and another one on the way! We ended up getting orders to Hawaii instead. My husband will be on the Crommelin (a frigate, no subs thank you!) We’ll be there sometime this summer, no hard copies yet. Still house hunting/school shopping like crazy! I think we’ll end up on base but I would prefer to live off base…

  2. Rota Spain sucks. The only people that could love that place would be a dependapottamus who has never travelled anywhere except what the military afforded her.

    • I disagree but you are entitled to your opinion. I (as well as my husband and many friends that were stationed in Spain) have actually traveled quite a bit. While Rota itself might not be a hopping tourist destination the beaches, the food and the people are awesome. Sorry if you think Spain sucked!

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