It’s mah Birfday!

Well it was yesterday anyway… Had to work all day and was planning on going out to eat for dinner but by the time I got home I was rethinking it.  M had football practice and wasn’t going to get home until 7, by the time we all got ready it would be 8ish then maybe to the restaurant at 8:30. While most restaurants in Spain don’t even open for dinner until 8, I didn’t want to have the kids out too late on a school night.  It is not uncommon to see kids in restaurants and bars until 10 or even 11. Our kids love it but only on the weekend!

So I rescheduled my birthday dinner for this weekend, and actually turned it into a birthday/anniversary dinner (our anniversary is tomorrow) and got a sitter.  I am really looking forward to going out, not sure whether or we are going to go to Bar Jamon or Los Argentinos… we haven’t made it to either one. Los Argentinos is closed on Mondays and that always ends up being the day we try to eat there! Bar Jamon is traditional Spanish food, with some of the best paella around… Los Argentinos is an Argentinian steak place that is supposed to have great meat.

My kids are already coloring pictures for the babysitter… O had been begging me to have her come babysit a couple of weeks ago. I guess mommy and daddy need more date nights!

NO more procrastinating, I have a ton of homework to do and I can’t put it off any longer!