Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

The Girl Scouts are turning 100 years old and our troop participated by having a sunrise meeting.  On a Sunday. At 7:30 in the morning. It was also pretty dang chilly but at least we had a beautiful view.


Good morning moon!


The girls all huddled together before we got started. Did I mention it was cold!


Everyone got into a circle and sang some songs: Happy Birthday, You Are My Sunshine (which actually has VERY depressing lyrics!), Mr. Sun and the girl scouts friends song.  We also attempted to light some candles but that wasn’t so successful because it was windy as hell. (And cold! Did I mention that!)



Not as picture perfect when unlit.

After we did all that the girls got a breakfast snack of croissants, fruit and juice, then we had everyone pick up 5 pieces of trash from the beach (everyone really could have picked up 50, it was really trashy).


Picture Time!!

All (slight majority) of the Rota Girl Scouts!



Our Junior troop!

I don't even want to tell you how many times we attempted this jump shot. They are all this bad. C'mon girl scouts work together!



Good morning, Rota!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

  1. Looks fun, albeit chilly! And yea, I sing you are my sunshine to my son every evening… Except I totally changed up the lyrics-you make me happy every single day. I’ll try to show dear, how much I love you, won’t ever let my sunshine go away. Less depressing than the original. 😉

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