It’s the Little Things {Pinterest & Curly Curls}

Taking a minute to recap the little things that made my week!

First off, after trying to stay away for months, I am officially addicted to Pinterest. It is absolute pure evil but I have found SO many great ideas for M’s birthday party next week.  If you are on Pinterest come follow me, here!

Next up I did try one of the hair ideas I found, no heat curls. Super easy, involves a headband and sleeping with your hair looking crazy but when I woke up my stick straight hair looked like this:


Blurry picture but my hair looked great!




Beeswax and rosemary (so it looks and smells good!)


Also had a great dinner out with friends at one of my favorite restaurants 100 Montaditos this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Linking up with Lindsey from Aisle to Aloha for the Friday link up party!

Aisle to Aloha

5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things {Pinterest & Curly Curls}

  1. i think i know exactly which video/hair trick you are talking about. so is it really doable? been thinking about giving it a whirl, yet i don’t have any of those headbands yet…

    • It took me about 5 minutes while sitting in bed watching tv. It was a little more difficult in the back because my hair is longer so I didn’t get as good of a curl in the back. But it was REALLY easy! I stole one of my daughters stretch headbands, looks different than the one used but its more about looping your hair than the exact type of headband. Have fun with it!

  2. thank you for your feedback. my hair is growing out. it’s past my shoulders right now and i was thinking of trying this when it gets longer. might give it a whirl now though 🙂

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