My brain is tired…

So after working all day long (okay I had lots and lots of breaks, taught Omar how to ride a bike and made dinner in there) I am STILL not done with either my final or my final research project. This sucks! I am so tired! I am realllly trying to get my final done tonight so at least that is one thing I can check off. Only two more essay questions to go and I’ll be good.

Does anyone feel like writing a couple of pages on limiting water consumption on Naval Station Rota? So close to being DONE! I swear to God, any ideas I had about going back to school for my Master’s degree? Forget it! I am never going back to school EVER!

I was an absolutely beautiful day and I was very upset we couldn’t be out enjoying it, but I was stuck at home with schoolwork and hubby was sitting in class himself. 

Also? It looks like we won’t be getting orders until a month before we leave. Great.

Hope you are having WAY more fun that I am this weekend!