My brain is tired…

So after working all day long (okay I had lots and lots of breaks, taught Omar how to ride a bike and made dinner in there) I am STILL not done with either my final or my final research project. This sucks! I am so tired! I am realllly trying to get my final done tonight so at least that is one thing I can check off. Only two more essay questions to go and I’ll be good.

Does anyone feel like writing a couple of pages on limiting water consumption on Naval Station Rota? So close to being DONE! I swear to God, any ideas I had about going back to school for my Master’s degree? Forget it! I am never going back to school EVER!

I was an absolutely beautiful day and I was very upset we couldn’t be out enjoying it, but I was stuck at home with schoolwork and hubby was sitting in class himself. 

Also? It looks like we won’t be getting orders until a month before we leave. Great.

Hope you are having WAY more fun that I am this weekend!

2 thoughts on “My brain is tired…

  1. Our weekend is pretty boring too. We spent the afternoon at the baseball field, then an evening at home. Arvin has duty all weekend, won’t be home until Monday,….sometime. Tomorrow I think we are going to go Strawberry picking,….that will be our excitement.

    • I don’t know, I think strawberry picking is pretty exciting! Are you going to the place right by you? That used to be our favorite field, I still have the bucket somewhere!

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