So ready for this week to be over…

Longest. Week. Ever. 

Friday is gearing up to be a busy busy day, it is our feria day at work. Feria is similar to a Spanish county fair and it is a pretty big deal down here in Andalucia. It is a ton of fun, everyone gets to dress up in a flamenco-style dress and look fabulous. Anyways, there has been a ton of planning and decorating going on and it’s really kicked into high gear this week. I’ve made so many tissue paper flowers it’s not even funny.

Immediately after work on Friday I have bunco, which I happen to be co-hosting this month. Co-hosting is actually stressing me out more than just doing it on my own because I can’t nail down a menu or a who is doing what. I need to go over to the location tomorrow and set up tables. Also I don’t have the bunco kit of dice and whatnot and I think the lady that does have it is in the states so I may have to round up 30 dice. Yes, 30 because we are going to have 24 ladies at 6 tables. It’s going to be crazy! We’ll see how many drop out at the last minute because it always, ALWAYS happens. The problem with that is that you have to have multiples of 4 or it doesn’t work.

Crap, now I am worried that the tables at the building are going to be too large. I think they might be the big round tables. Not going to worry about it until tomorrow. 

So instead of doing all the stuff I could be doing to get ready for the day, I am instead shopping for vacations. I need to go somewhere but I have no idea where I want to go. Well actually I have too many places I want to go. Mallorca, Greece, Croatia and Holland are on my maybe list. Trying to get to one more place we haven’t been before we leave. 

Now I am going to try and go to bed before midnight tonight, if my brain ever decides to shut off!

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