Is Everyone Else Excited for the Olympics?!

I can not wait for the opening ceremonies tonight and I’m so excited!  I really wish that the tv would broadcast the opening ceremonies live, I’d love to be watching right now instead of having to wait. I am one of those people who really get into the Olympics. When my mom and I went to London last fall they already had tons of stuff out like t-shirts and pins, I can’t even imagine how insane it is in London right now!


I also really love watching the women’s events in particular. I think it’s great for Mckenna to watch all of these female athletes who have worked really hard to get where they are. (And of course nudge her to try to get to the Olympics in soccer one day…)


So to kill some time we are going to drive up to Schofield Barracks to pick up some freebie school supplies for the kids. Then have to go actually finish the school supply shopping. Their lists this year are out of control! I’ve never had a school supply list that specified brands before! They better not be communal supplies, that bugs the crap outta me! (And yes I will write my kids name on every single crayon and marker they bring in)

Enjoy Olympics watching this weekend!

One thought on “Is Everyone Else Excited for the Olympics?!

  1. I love watching the Olympics too! But we just moved overseas, finally got the TV cable hooked up & discovered that we didn’t sign up for the channels that broadcast the Olympics. Oops! Must remedy that quickly!


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