Wednesday.. Already? Finally? I don’t even know.

This has been a very weird week. I feel like time is dragging and flying by at the same time. How is that possible? It’s kinda bizarre because it’s almost like I can’t yet get excited for Hawaii. I mean I am excited, I think we’ll love it there, but there is still so much going on here that I have to get through. Packing out in two days, still stressing about the dog, sad about missing Spain.

Speaking of Spain, I am SO mad, I totally forgot to go to the gypsy market today (it’s like our local flea market and I LOVE it). I wanted to go one more time and I totally forgot until this afternoon and it’s only on Wednesdays. And I am so sentimental about it, like it really makes a difference that the last time I went I didn’t know it was going to be the last time? I am so weird.

I feel like I am running out of time. There were all these little things I wanted to do one more time, there are still a dozen places off the top of my head I wanted to go get more pictures of. I HAVE to go get pictures in the sunflowers. If we have to pull over on the way to the airport I am getting a picture in the sunflowers.

Leaving is just hard. Mckenna is going to have a hard time going from being with a million friends all day long to having none. (Thank goodness she has an email address!) I wonder how much Omar is even going to remember about living here. That is the craziest thing, he has lived here for most of his life, this is all he knows, I really can’t imagine him not remembering this house. Our beach. His daycare.

It’s hard to be getting ready to finish this chapter and start a new one. Starting over will all new friends. (Oh God how I hate trying to find the normal ones out of all the military wives!) Starting the kids in school, which is a HUGE change, both of my kids in school. It’s going to be so hard to watch them pack up our stuff this week. So much has changed in the four years we’ve been here in our tiny little house. We have to say goodbye to all of our stuff and who knows how much is going to change in the two (or more!) months until we see it again.

Change. I love it and hate it and it’s exciting and it sucks. That just about covers it.

It’s 2:30am and I just finished doing a load of laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, and doing the dishes. Also cleaned the kitchen and organized a couple of drawers. found a missing lens cap for my camera!

I think it may be finally sinking in that I can’t drink two cups of coffee after 10pm and go to sleep before dawn.

Off to continue tossing and turning…

One Week.

One week until we move!

Today my husband came home from work and we had the pleasure of detailing our car. In the 90 degree heat. Blech. We were planning on taking it somewhere to get done but they weren’t able to do it when we needed it, PLUS they wanted to keep it overnight. No thanks. So instead he cleaned the engine/under the hood while I did the inside of the car including shampooing the carpets and floor mats. Tomorrow we’ll get to the outside. The joys of shipping a vehicle.

Other than that I have been procrastinating on getting other stuff done. I really need to get all the suitcases down and start packing clothes. Also have a few more things I’d like to try to sell on our online yard sale page. Tomorrow. (everything is tomorrow!)

Now off to beat my family down in Mario Party 9… or at least try to come in second. 

Happy Monday!

Say what?

So yesterday I am at a baby shower, Mckenna is running the streets somewhere, either at the pool or a friends (and actually SHOWED UP at the baby shower I was at to use their pool!) Omar is writing a paper in our room and little Omar is playing/entertaining himself.

My husband relayed this conversation:

Son: Daddy, how do you make love?

Husband: (not 100% listening because he is typeing/a little frustrated at being interrupted for the 800th time that day) What?

Son: Daddy, how do you make love?

Husband: (pushing the chair from the desk and trying to figure out if he just heard what he thought he heard) WHAT?

Son: Daddy, how do you make love? How do the letters go? (Walking in with a paintbrush)

Husband: HA! L-O-V-E.

Omar was busy painting a picture with the names of our family who he loves. So sweet and had me cracking up!

Lazy days of summer…

On Friday after graduation my love took me to my favorite place for a graduation lunch. Puerto Sherry, Blanca Paloma, my happy place. I’ve mentioned it a time or two.

This is the place my heart will always think of when I think back to my time here. I just love it.


Oh and my favorite yummy, delicious salad. Ensalada Spagnola. Fresh mozzarella and pesto. Yes please.

And little Omar and I have been splitting this as well, the provolone and feta bruschetta.

And Omar gets some version of the pizza… ham and mushroom this time…

The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home. Got Omar’s sea bag packed so that is ready to go for the plane. I was giving him a hard time wondering if he even remember how to pack a sea bag because it’s been so long since he’s had to do it!  He does need some new uniforms as he can get by with less than what is required here but we can buy those in Hawaii.

Also made of list of EVERYTHING else I need to try and get done in the next few days, lots of checking out things.  Still stressing out about the dog situation. Just hoping everything goes okay with getting him on all three airplanes, picking him up, and dropping him off at the pet sitter.

Rented “Wanderlust” off of iTunes… Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, I really expected more of you. It was one of those movies where most of the funny parts were shown in the preview. Omar did make a comment that I was a likely candidate for a commune after I made a remark about how they were living sustainably. Whatever.

Saturday we ALL slept in and it was wonderful, in fact I almost overslept for my hair appointment. I woke up at 9:40 for a 10am appt! Out the door in 5 minutes and still had time to grab a caramel macchiatto from the coffee shop next to the salon! Was just getting highlights and a trim, the girl left the color on for a bit longer than I would have liked so it’s pretty blonde when I really just wanted caramel.  Omar says it looks good and he’s not one to sugarcoat my hair choices! It’ll work for summer, especially since I am moving to the land of endless summer…

I had to stop and do some shopping for a baby shower I was going to this afternoon (what, I almost ALWAYS shop the day of a party, it’s terrible I know!) I swear, nothing makes me want to have another baby like shopping in the infant girls section.  (And no, no more babies for us, we are done!)

I was shopping for a gift for this lovely lady Amber. She is having her second baby, her first girl! She is such a great person, always smiling and happy!  We used to work together, she quit before I did so she could relax for the rest of her pregnancy. We had lots of fun friends there, and TONS of food. Oh my, the hostess outdid herself. I must have had three helpings of berry trifle!

(I want that dress in my size! Seriously, how adorable is that!) Congrats Amber! Wish I was going to be here to meet your baby girl!

Mirror, Mirror

Laughing to myself because I am getting ready to put up a picture of the mirror my mom got me for graduation and I am realizing that my husband ALSO got me a mirror for graduation.  I don’t know what this means, maybe I need to reflect more on my life? That I need to look in a mirror before I step out of the house? 

Two totally different mirrors but I am super excited to get both. Omar and I picked out a frame at Pacheco’s our local (awesome!) framer. I ordered a 6’x3′ mirror and it was only 80 euros. Love it! Can’t wait to get it over the couch once we move!

My mom saw me gushing over these mirrors when she came to visit and told me that she wanted to buy me one for graduation. Done and done! I am so in love with this mirror and again, can’t wait to get settled into our new house and find it a home on the wall. 



Look how pretty!


LOVE IT!!! Thank you Mom!