Someone got a job!

And no! It’s not me!

Mckenna got her first babysitting job and she is SO excited. Our neighbor’s husband is on the same ship as Omar so we are going to be deployment buddies! Well she is home with a 3 year old and a set of twin baby boys. Yikes! 

Anyways, we had gotten together with a few of the other spouses on Saturday and Mckenna was all over her babies. She remarked that she  would love to have Mckenna come over and help anytime!

Mckenna took her seriously and after a few texts back and forth went over this afternoon for a couple of hours.  She isn’t technically babysitting, just being a mother’s helper but she had a great time. Plus it’s great practice for when she CAN babysit in another year or so.  Our neighbor really appreciated having an extra set of hands and Mckenna loved playing with babies.

I am so proud of her! I am so happy that she is responsible and that parents are happy to have her help out!

4 thoughts on “Someone got a job!

  1. What a great bonus for ALL of you! Plus good experience for when McKenna is old enough to make some “spending money”. Also you have a new buddy, Reb, to help ease both your and your neighbor’s separation from your husbands. You and your family are in my prayers.\
    Love, Grammy Maryann

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