Deployment Day #1

So today was the day. Daddy had to leave and I was a wreck. I really thought I was going to be able to tough it out but nope. I don’t even know why I wore makeup today. Every time he hugged the kids ‘one last time’ I’d start bawling. Every time little Omar would start crying, I’d start bawling. When the ship came unmoored, I started bawling.

I’ve never seen the ship off like that. Both times he’s left previously he always had to be on the night before so it was a drop off in the pier parking lot.  I actually dropped him off today not planning on staying because the kids were going to school. Mckenna ended up going but Omar was a mess. Plus it was his birthday so he got to stay home with me. AKA indulge in some retail therapy. But we got a call saying everyone was still hanging around the pier so off we went. It was great to have a few more minutes but AWFUL to have to say goodbye AGAIN! We stuck around this time, got to watch him man the rails (fancy term for stand on the side of the ship) and watch the flag unfurl and the boat push off.

It was difficult.

I know we’ll get through this -because honestly what else can we do- but damn, it sucks so bad already. I just forgot how bad it can be. I already had to check the closets because I am a paranoid crazy person, thank God I have the dog! My house looks like a bomb went off and now I have not motivation to clean because who is going to see it? I’m telling you, I am a half-step from a hoarders episode right now.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from today. Pray for these men and women over the next ten months.

9 thoughts on “Deployment Day #1

  1. Okay, now you’ve got ME crying… what a brave sailor you have there, what precious kids, and then there is brave Navy wife – YOU! Thank you again and again to Omar for serving our country, and that means fighting to keep our family safe, too. I will continue to pray that God’s hand is their covering from all harm and that Omar quickly learns the IC system. He is a born leader and will rise to the occasion, BUT, I’m sure it is as hard for him to leave you all. Gut-wrenching photos… Love and hugs, Mom

  2. I’ll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Deployments are the worst thing about this lifestyle, but you will be strong and get through it because you are a Navy family! =)

    And as a side note, I’m friends with a wife whose husband is on that ship. But it’s a tiny community out here so that isn’t likely surprising news, haha. I’m sending all of my best wishes for all of you and for a speedy deployment!

  3. Best of luck to y’all. It royally sucks that he had to leave on y’all’s son’s birthday. 😦 Navy deployments are so much nicer looking than the Army’s (not that you care at this point). When my hubby deployed for Iraq a few years ago, we just watched him walk off behind the motor pool. No big ceremony, watching the ship or plane leave or anything. Very anticlimactic. We should be on island next month. When we finally get there I’ll get you my contact info & we’ll get together. 🙂

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