Diving into Christmas Break

I don’t know whose idea it was to let the kids out already for break but it’s killing me.

Two and a half weeks of days to entertain my kids. Honestly it would be that bad, except for the fact that I have one child who wants nothing but to stay home, and one child who wants to be going, going, going.

This was our fourth day off of school. So far we have painted pottery, gone out for lunch, gone to the movies and checked out a stack of books from the library. I have a stack of Christmas craft ideas that I want to pull out, cookies to be baked and, if the weather would warm up, beach days ahead.

Of course I still have boxes of gifts that HAVE to be mailed TOMORROW! I tried going to the main office today but the line of cars to get into the parking lot was blocking street traffic and the post office on base was closed already. 4pm during the holidays? Absurd! Oh and I have to go to the commissary tomorrow too, crap.

Also my poor dog is going a little stir crazy I think… I’ve been taking him for a walk around our neighborhood while the kids are in school and haven’t since they’ve been out. Plus with all the rain the dog park is too muddy. I might have to drag the kids along for a walk so he’s not stuck in the house for another day either.

I got my Christmas cards today, I am really bummed by the way they turned out. I get the majority of them sent straight to my friends but have some come to me for all of my local friends. They were really dark. I do not love the printing job. So I am going to call Hallmark and yell at them. Which is pointless because they can’t really fix it. All the cards are out already. But I am upset because I loved the pictures I took of the kids!

2 thoughts on “Diving into Christmas Break

  1. We were some of the crazy people that took our dogs to the park today, lol. We -thought- it would be great because the sun was out and of course the mud would have dried up, but nope, our mutts managed to find all the mud in the park! All three of them smell wonderful now after their baths and they at least had a good time, so I guess it’s kind of a win? Haha xD

  2. This rain is driving.me.NUTS. I’d love to drive up to Haleiwa to hang out up there but crazy people think they need to drive 900 mph on the Kam Hwy & it’s only 2 lanes wide. I have no urge to spend the holidays dead.

    I ordered my cards from Vistaprint.& I like the work they did. 🙂

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