I L-O-V-E Halloween. One of my favorite things to do is make my kids their costumes. They don’t always let me but some years they cave into my begging. I think this is one thing they will remember fondly. (well … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

A Sunday with nothing to do was just what I needed! We decided to make it an early dinner so we all just lazed around the house. Until I got bit by the cleaning bug and did a million loads of laundry, dishes and mopped the floors. Yes, I know. I am doing Mother’s Day wrong. However I felt a million times better having a clean house to start the week.

I was a little bit bummed by my meal out, we hit up Nico’s one of my favorite places to eat. It wasn’t too crowded which was great. I ordered a Pier 38 Punch to start, eh, it was okay. My husband decided to be brave and try the oyster shooters. My seafood lover wasn’t a fan, I was actually surprised. I could barely look at them, ugh. It was a brave person who first ate one of those. Well I decided to order the Steak Frites, ribeye steak, medium and was so disappointed to have it come almost well done. Awful. But I am one of those people who NEVER send food back. Like ever. (I have seen Waiting I know what happens!) I am kinda picky when it comes to steak, if you can’t grill it better than I can for $25 then shame on you. Also my husbands seafood scampi was pretty bland.

It’s such a surprise when one of your favorite places let’s you down! We couldn’t get reservations at the Japanese Steakhouse I really wanted to go to, and instead of postponing dinner out, I just went with a second choice. Dang it!

(Dessert partially redeemed it, however, dessert trio- mini lava cake, salted caramel ice cream and smore’s bread pudding)

At least I managed to snag a picture with each of my munchkins, you can tell how delighted they are.

 photo mothersday_zps9f3adb94.jpeg

 photo mothersday2_zps0f12dbb3.jpeg

Really that is as good as it gets picture-wise. I am amazed I even got those.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the other mamma’s out there!

More Homemade Halloween Costumes

Sorting through photos and realized I never put our Halloween costumes up this year.

I was SO happy the kids wanted to do homemade costumes again… I HATE the store bought ones, they are so boring and cheap and generic and cost a million dollars.

So this year the kids wracked their brains for something fun.

Mckenna came up with a creepy doll costume. Um, hmmm…. not sure how to swing that one.

Ended up watching endless youtube doll makeup tutorials (still wish I could have done it a little bit better, but I am TERRIBLE at makeup) found a doll-ish dress and voila she was happy.

Omar wanted to be Pac Man. I didn’t even realize he knew who Pac Man was. But I was game. This is actually one of my favorite costumes to date. I again searched online for inspiration. Swung by the bike shop and grabbed some bike boxes from their recycling bin. Spray painted the hell out of it and there you go, coolest costume of the night.

halloweenThis was actually the first idea… Halfway through trick or treating it was driving him crazy on his head so we ran home and I cut a head hole and new arm holes. The old arm holes became eyes. I REALLY had wanted to rig it so that candy could drop through his mouth and into a bag, but I ran out of time.  Seriously EVERYWHERE we went people were freaking out over this costume. Mckenna got a little annoyed at the attention he was getting… especially because this might have been her last trick or treating year.

Oh and a bonus shot because I am here for your entertainment…

rebpacmanAt our ship’s Halloween party… Looking all sorts of awesome.



Mama’s Day

So I kinda hate Mother’s Day. It’s kind of like Valentine’s in that there is this big set up on what SHOULD happen… you are supposed to get pampered and spoiled and what have you and if you don’t then you are resentful and disappointed. It’s just weird. Honestly the only Mother’s Day request I ever have is that I just don’t want to cook or clean. And that pretty much never happens because I can’t stay out of the kitchen if someone else is poking around in there!

This year I ended up having a pretty great day. I invited a few of my fellow spouseless girlfriends over for brunch. I guess I don’t really mind cooking THAT much! Everyone brought over food and wine. Oh yes. Plenty of wine…

DSC_1515aYou know it’s going to be a good day when all three of you supply Moscato.


Silly kids (I get the giggles every time I look at Omar’s pepperoni eyes)DSC_1519aAnd even sillier mamas…

DSC_1520a(I am seriously SO blessed with the friends I have far and especially near to keep me from going crazy during this deployment!)

Mimosas were had. And had some more. Oh one more wouldn’t hurt…



And I even managed to snap a picture with each one of my crazies on Mother’s Day.


DSC_1528a(and yes my ELEVEN year old is almost as tall as I am. Scary!)





May Day is Lei Day!


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii, and it’s all about celebrating Hawaiian culture. I love it! Everywhere you go people are wearing fresh flower leis and it is such a fun celebration! We weren’t able to get downtown to see the festivities but we will for sure get there next year!


One of the traditions is to elect a royal court with a King and Queen and princes and princesses. We didn’t go see them but we have our own royalty in the house, Omar was elected to Kindergarten prince which is quite the accomplishment! The school is having their big May Day event later in the month and we will get to watch all of the grades dance a hula and the royal court will be dancing their own hula as well! I can’t wait!


But to celebrate lei day, the kids got to make some fresh flower leis themselves. Gotta love it! The plumeria are everywhere around here and Mckenna wants to start making them more often!

DSC_1270a DSC_1274a


Easter1These probably need no explanation. There was basket hunting. (Does everyone not do this? I always did this growing up… You have to find your basket!)

Easter2Fun treats from Mimi like the hatching dinosaur and the wierdo marshmallow rabbits. Because my family is really weird, these bunnies may have had a cameo during our Skyping. Along with Dove rabbits… The marshmallow rabbit tragically met it’s end in the microwave. Wow this sounds really demented as I type it out, but it entertained us all!



Full disclosure… the egg hunting and dying took place on Monday, the day after Easter! I know! What a holiday fail! But the kids were happy and we just ran out of time during the weekend! Also, I just filled the eggs with candy they received ON Easter. But they REALLY did not need anymore candy!Easter3That picture in the lower left corner, she was just cheesing and had NO clue the egg was right next to her head. Walked past it TWO more times after that!

We had my awesome friend Cat over for dinner with her three darling kiddos who we just love!

Easter5I was making a big dinner anyways, I cannot cut my holiday meals down in size!

Also my wonderful friend brought me the bestest hostess gift! (Please ignore my goofy face and grainy ipod photo!)

photo (13)I have a new favorite wine. Seriously. Yum.

Wonderful Easter Sunday with some pretty great people!