Birthday planning time…

So we have been deep in party planning mode over here.

Mckenna is about to turn ELEVEN! I can’t believe it! And of course we must top the awesomeness of last years Rainbow Birthday Party. This year’s theme? Zebra & Purple.

ImageWe had fun putting together the (pretty simple) invites and Party City has a TON of cute zebra print decorations. 

The funny thing is, for YEARS she has wanted a luau birthday, something that wasn’t really feasible with a February birthday. Now we live IN Hawaii and she changed her mind. First it was ice skating (really? Ice skating in Hawaii?) then pottery painting, now it’s a sleepover for her school friends. She wanted to invite some soccer friends but mixing groups of friends is always tricky… So for soccer friends we are just going to do a simple pool party. 

I do have some fun things in store for her actual birthday tomorrow. Pinterest has seriously raised the bar when it comes to kid’s birthdays! 

Pictures to come!


2 thoughts on “Birthday planning time…

  1. Oh, I love the purple and zebra print and will try to match… with incoming gifts – Friday/Saturday!
    Happy 11th to Mckenna! Hugs and lots of love, Mom

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