Dinner on the Beach

The joys of living in Hawaii…

You can get a call from a friend, grab something to eat, and meet up for an enjoyable evening in 80 degree weather.

We have decided that we are going to do this once a week. It was just so relaxing and the sunsets were awesome. Also Mckenna was at a sleepover and missed out so she really wants to go!



It’s hard to eat dinner when your mom is kissing all over your face… What can I say? He is pretty¬†irresistible!DSC_0379a


Can’t beat the view… gotta love it.DSC_0381a


Splashing around in the nice warm water. 6pm beach days are a bonus…DSC_0393a





There were baby fish ALL over the place, these ones clumped up into a heart. Too cute.DSC_0414a


Love it!DSC_0397a