Dinner on the Beach

The joys of living in Hawaii…

You can get a call from a friend, grab something to eat, and meet up for an enjoyable evening in 80 degree weather.

We have decided that we are going to do this once a week. It was just so relaxing and the sunsets were awesome. Also Mckenna was at a sleepover and missed out so she really wants to go!



It’s hard to eat dinner when your mom is kissing all over your face… What can I say? He is pretty irresistible!DSC_0379a


Can’t beat the view… gotta love it.DSC_0381a


Splashing around in the nice warm water. 6pm beach days are a bonus…DSC_0393a





There were baby fish ALL over the place, these ones clumped up into a heart. Too cute.DSC_0414a


Love it!DSC_0397a

8 thoughts on “Dinner on the Beach

  1. Hi, Reb! You are living the grand life but I realize there is still a big HOLE in it. Is it July that your husband will be coming home? I sure hope so for all of your sakes, but you are to be congratulated for the wonderful way you have kept the days full of fun with hiking, swiimng, and lots of great meals! Smack, smack.

    Love and hugs to the three of you! Grandma Maryann

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