So Thanksgiving is a day late for us this year, thanks to the US Navy.
Really I am not complaining because I am just thrilled Omar is HOME this year! Delaying Thanksgiving is doable! (Although Mckenna told me some of her friends families were in the same position and they had Thanksgiving anyways, weird)
So on the “real” turkey day we celebrated in style…


Maybe not the most traditional way to spend the holiday but it was pretty awesome. Then we had this guy come say hi and hang out with us for a little while:


Also got some baking done… I wanted to do a million pies but we (meaning I) don’t need that much leftover pie! So one big apple and four mini pumpkins. Perfect!


Got everything laid out now… Getting ready to start cooking. I’ve been ready to eat this dinner since 6 this morning!


Table set, realize I probably need some more fall themed decor…



Update: There was PLENTY of food!