Lego Beach Party!

Let me tell you, having a kid old enough to just set loose at the beach is one of the most awesome things ever! I am still patting myself on the back for the beach party idea. A bunch of twelve year olds set free to play in the ocean for 3 hours? Awesome party.

My lego cake turned out! This was my very first time working with fondant and it was a little rough… However I learned a ton and think I have the hang of it! One word of advice if you are using this idea: make a template when cutting your cakes. I was using a ruler and kinda eyeballing it. I do not recommend that ‘technique’! Also watch some YouTube videos on how to fondant square cake corners. My first one was terrible, but I got much better by the third! All in all, Mckenna LOVED her cake and all of the kids were pretty impressed as well. DSC_0012


This is how the kids spent most of the party. Yes it was quite the crowd! We had 18 kids show up. And they played for hours out there. chicken fight


I LOVE these kids! One of the things I like about our school is that it is small. We only have 1 1/2 6th grade classes so everyone knows everyone. (I think Mckenna may have invited the entire 6th grade!) They are really great kids and get along SO well. It was so much fun to give them a chance to hang out outside of school.DSC_0049a


Birthday Girl!bday


And of course she had to sample a bit of each cake. bday2



Nothing makes up for the stress and exhaustion of hosting a big birthday party like your kid telling you it was the best birthday ever. And then her friends telling you the same thing. And then other friends texting her telling her what a great day it was.

Gotta recommend Hickam Beach for a great birthday location! We rented two cabanas (and set up a portable canopy in between for even more party area) for $20/each.

2 thoughts on “Lego Beach Party!

  1. What a blast! I can’t wait to jump in that ocean! All those smiles, every year you make unforgettable birthday memories… you are an awesome Mom, Reb! Love, Mom

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