Aiea Loop Trail

My friend Val and I were looking for a hike to do after plans to hike Kaena Point fell through (it’s about an hour and a half drive up there and we didn’t want to try to swing it on a school day) Neither one of us had done Aiea Loop yet and it’s right up the road from us. This turned out to be a great hike and one I want to take the husband and kids to. The only crazy thing is the fact that the hike starts and ends at two different parking lots. Not knowing this I parked at the upper parking lot and we ended at the lower one… Which meant that we then got to walk up a hot paved hill. No fun!

The hike itself is pretty shady, great breeze, one part that could be a little tricky if there has been recent rains, quick a bit of deadfall over the trail that you have to climb over or duck under … But totally worth it as you step out and are suddenly overlooking the H3 highway.


I never would have believed that I would think a highway was beautiful but this one I love.

Along with Val I also had my trusty hiking companion:



Of course we had to do lots of selfies at this point…


And photo bombing your friends selfies:


The views are just outstanding and it is a great workout. If you haven’t done this one yet add it to your To Hike list!


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