Waimea Valley


We hit up Waimea Valley two separate times while we had family here. The first time was just to go to the farmers market they have (Thursday afternoons).



I really wish we had some farmer’s markets even closer to us. Plus they are all generally on Saturday mornings and that generally doesn’t work with our insane schedules on the weekend. I did stock up on tons of veggies… oooh and this cinnamon bread that was to die for. I was planning on making french toast out of it but the kids just wanted it sliced and toasted. Lots of food vendors and craft booths.DSC_0174



We ended going back a few days later to walk through the gardens and swim in the waterfall. This is a recommended ‘hike’ but I wouldn’t even call it that. It’s a paved walk through a beautiful botanical garden. (You can even ride in a cart if you are feeling extra lazy).  You can’t beat Hawaii for gorgeous flora…

waimea flowers


Your reward for walking that whole mile is a dip into a cool pool at the base of a waterfall. Unfortunately you have to wear a lifejacket (the worst thing in the world putting on a cold, wet lifejacket, gross) Both my Omar’s brought their own… The girls all had to borrow them from the lifeguard stand.



I LOVE swimming in fresh water. It is so much better than swimming in the ocean or a pool. It’s a little rocky getting in (and mossy and slimy) but is just so dang CLEAN! (to swim in, try not to drink it because leptospirosis and all that)DSCF4211




Just hanging out next to a waterfall, NBD…DSCF4234a


You know what is hard? Trying to look cute while taking a picture UNDER a waterfall. Not easy. And I was not successful..DSCF4243




Hale’iwa Farmers Market: Thursdays from 3-7 pm

Waimea Valley: Open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. Admission is $15 Adult $7.50 Child or for military/kama’aina price it’s $10 Adult $5 Child



One thought on “Waimea Valley

  1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I got to see yours now! Fresh veggies and waterfalls… How wonderful! I love farmers markets. I wish it was the norm. I was lucky to have one close by to my home when I was back in FL but they are hard to come by. What a shame. Glad you got to stock up.

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