Best Birthday EVER!

So for my husband’s birthday in November I got smart and gave him a couple of gifts that I could partake in as well: A scuba dive and an ATV ride. First up, scuba with Island Divers. We were really happy with the company and the trip overall. Starting off was a little nerve wracking because all of the intro is done in the ocean and not in a pool. DSCF4364a

Can’t beat the views! We took off from Hawaii Kai and headed out…


Koko Crater


Koko Head

Look at us! We are scuba diving! It was amazing!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had a couple of turtles to keep us company too. Not a ton of fish in the bay but this was pretty cool.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Hey, what’s up? Just diving, NBD. (fish photobomb in the background)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cool little sea urchin we got to pet and hold. (And then put back carefully)

Tired divers! Can’t wait to do it again!DSCF4367a

Next up on our birthday agenda was an ATV tour at Kualoa Ranch. This was such a fun experience. We got like zippy pictures because the day looked like this:

IMG_0154I was actually worried that it was going to get cancelled, then I was worried that we would be miserable all wet and cold in the rain. Thankfully we brought ponchos. Riding in the rain ended up being one of the funnest things we have ever done. It was only us and one other couple on the one hour ride through the mountains and we had a blast. Splashing through puddles, driving across streams, water and mud everywhere. It was amazing.


(word to the wise, bring ponchos just in case, eye protection of some sort, a tip for your tour guide and a change of pants and shoes)

(As always I booked through ITT, a must if you are military, saved a bundle!)

We were worried we might have to swim home!


2 thoughts on “Best Birthday EVER!

  1. You two in the ocean with your beloved sea creatures – priceless! The storm waters – crazy as the cloud photo… Such great fun!

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