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So Thanksgiving is a day late for us this year, thanks to the US Navy.
Really I am not complaining because I am just thrilled Omar is HOME this year! Delaying Thanksgiving is doable! (Although Mckenna told me some of her friends families were in the same position and they had Thanksgiving anyways, weird)
So on the “real” turkey day we celebrated in style…


Maybe not the most traditional way to spend the holiday but it was pretty awesome. Then we had this guy come say hi and hang out with us for a little while:


Also got some baking done… I wanted to do a million pies but we (meaning I) don’t need that much leftover pie! So one big apple and four mini pumpkins. Perfect!


Got everything laid out now… Getting ready to start cooking. I’ve been ready to eat this dinner since 6 this morning!


Table set, realize I probably need some more fall themed decor…



Update: There was PLENTY of food!



Waikiki Staycation

Catch up time!

Even though we LIVE in paradise, it’s still fun to VACATION in paradise! We had wanted to do some island hopping when Omar came home and had leave but with his mom and sister coming to visit we were a little tight on time. Thankfully Waikiki is just down the road!

We ended up staying at the Outrigger which has an awesome kama’aina (local) rate. It’s also close to the action of all the restaurants and beaches.



We ate tons of food…  Yardhouse is right around the corner, I love it, the rest of my family isn’t impressed. Cheeseburger in Waikiki is good for burgers.


Throwing a shaka at Cheeseburger Waikiki

It’s also just fun to walk around… Well until the teeming masses of tourists drive you absolutely crazy.




We are standing on a slope, she isn’t that tall YET!


The best thing was just being able to hang out and play together as a family. We are terrible when it comes to that at home. We all have our electronics to entertain us. So it was good to put that all away for a few days.



Plenty of beach time….



Diamondhead in the background!

And for something EXTRA entertaining rent a kayak. This was a hilarious disaster. I don’t know what they were thinking letting all four of us into one kayak. We are NOT responsible enough for that!




DSCF4107(FYI I can’t stand putting on a wet life jacket. It oogs me out for some reason.)



While it looks like he is hanging on for dear life he was having fun… Being dragged by a kayak is a blast.

We also spotted a couple of sea turtles. Which necessitated me jumping OUT of the kayak to try and get some pictures of. And I lost the turtle as soon as I jumped in. Second turtle I got a pic but it was murky so I had to use this crazy filter to show him clearly. It really is kind of crazy that these guys are everywhere.


And the BEST part of a vacation? Boozing it up with your husband!
DSCF4098aGot a Waikiki question? Let me know! I am happy to steer you toward the best hotels, eats and hang out spots!


I am such a slacker!

Okay. Yeah. So I have been the WORST at blogging the past few months. Omar coming home and a busy summer kept me from any clever ideas and then the longer I went the harder it was to jump back into it!

I do have lots of updates on Hawaii, we are still loving it. My husband is getting worked to death so doesn’t get to enjoy it quite as much as his unemployed wife. I have lots of updated hikes, a million beach and rainbow pictures and some gratuitous pictures of my kids and dog.

The funniest thing is that I have had three different people on island tell me they read my blog. Too funny! One lady lives in my neighborhood and reversed her car to tell me she recognized us. I am just happy that people have found much needed information about moving to this amazing place.

Just wanted to pop in to say I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

Playing Catch Up

Okay, I think my brain is officially functioning again!

My sister was here for two weeks and we stayed BUSY. We were all over the island and now I have a huge amount of photos I need to go through.

Also we are seriously gearing up for Homecoming around these parts. I feel like I have a ton of stuff I need to do and get done. I was mentioning this to Omar and he was like ‘it’s going to take you weeks to clean the house?’ Yes, dear. I turned into a hoarder while you were gone. I am just trying to declutter, organize and make everything look PERFECT!

Unfortunately I have a terrible habit of feeling super overwhelmed and then shutting down and not wanting to do ANYTHING. Its the worst and I hate it.

So I am going to try and upload the eleventy-million pictures I took when my sister was here and show you how awesome Hawaii is! (Hint: it’s SUPER awesome!)

Eat the Street: Mililani


This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, before we even moved to Hawaii I saw some pictures from this event and was sold!

I love to eat and one of my FAVORITE shows is the Great Food Truck Race. Finally was able to make this happen!

First off, some advice. Get there early, as close to opening as you can. Park at a shuttle stop, no worries about finding a spot. Come hungry and with plenty of cash.DSC_0144


We did a quick sweep of the trucks (there were SO many-spread out over two parking lots!) to get an idea of what was out there and what we wanted to try. ets


foodWaffledogs, delicious! Especially drizzled with maple syrup. The kids were VERY skeptical about these but ended up loving them! ($3/each) Next up Xtreme Tacos, smoked chicken taco. It came with two tortillas and I was able to split up the filling. Because there was pico de gallo in it Omar didn’t want to try it and Mckenna didn’t love it. They were good to me though! ($2.75)

food2Our splurge of the day, wood fired pizza from Kiawe Pizza. So good. ($10) Pop pop donuts ($3.50) Aloha Pops ($3)

fairycakesAnd one more dessert to share, Death by Chocolate from Fairy Cakes. I really wanted everything on the menu! Mckenna was eyeballing the Maple Bacon Cake but it was just too weird for her!

We had a great time sampling lots of goodies. I am going to have to branch out and try some things I didn’t get to next time, Fried Musubi, octopus balls and Malasada burgers are calling my name!

More food truck dates and locations for Oahu:


Do you have any favorite food trucks or know of any food truck events?