Eat the Street: Bacon

Okay, disclaimer here, we don’t only eat and go to the beach though it may seem so from my recent postings. We just haven’t done too much other exciting stuff!

One of our favorite activities is Eat the Street, and this months theme was bacon. Yes, I know, could they have picked a better theme?! It was amazing to see how many ways the vendors were able to incorporate bacon into their dishes. Once again I wish we could have tried everything but it is just not possible! There was SO much food!

Our first stop was the Whatcha Fillin’ truck for some filled waffle cakes, we went with the bacon mac and cheese as well a s’more. Delish! Should have tried the beer goggles flavor!


Next up their favorite two stops, Waffledog and the thai chicken skewers. No bacon involved!
stick food

We split the bacon wrapped shrimp plate lunch. They were insanely good. Great seasoning to them, and my kids don’t like mac salad so it was all mine!DSC_1205

Just an array of signs from the night, mind boggling the amount of bacon!signs

Time for bacon dessert! Maple bacon cupcakes and bacon walnut brownies! We found out the next day that one truck had chocolate covered bacon. Don’t know if I would have tried it! I prefer my bacon savory!


Eat the Street: Mililani


This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, before we even moved to Hawaii I saw some pictures from this event and was sold!

I love to eat and one of my FAVORITE shows is the Great Food Truck Race. Finally was able to make this happen!

First off, some advice. Get there early, as close to opening as you can. Park at a shuttle stop, no worries about finding a spot. Come hungry and with plenty of cash.DSC_0144


We did a quick sweep of the trucks (there were SO many-spread out over two parking lots!) to get an idea of what was out there and what we wanted to try. ets


foodWaffledogs, delicious! Especially drizzled with maple syrup. The kids were VERY skeptical about these but ended up loving them! ($3/each) Next up Xtreme Tacos, smoked chicken taco. It came with two tortillas and I was able to split up the filling. Because there was pico de gallo in it Omar didn’t want to try it and Mckenna didn’t love it. They were good to me though! ($2.75)

food2Our splurge of the day, wood fired pizza from Kiawe Pizza. So good. ($10) Pop pop donuts ($3.50) Aloha Pops ($3)

fairycakesAnd one more dessert to share, Death by Chocolate from Fairy Cakes. I really wanted everything on the menu! Mckenna was eyeballing the Maple Bacon Cake but it was just too weird for her!

We had a great time sampling lots of goodies. I am going to have to branch out and try some things I didn’t get to next time, Fried Musubi, octopus balls and Malasada burgers are calling my name!

More food truck dates and locations for Oahu:

Do you have any favorite food trucks or know of any food truck events?