Back to School…

So today was a back to school day for the kids. They were off ALL last week for fall break (yeah I don’t know what that is either) and then were also off Monday for Columbus Day. We had planned lots of activities to keep us busy and I think we did an okay job. But man, was I happy when I dropped them off this morning! Ten days! Ten days off from school! And my darling sweet Omar does not like leaving the house, he is my little homebody. Want to go to the beach? No. The pool? No. A movie? No. Mckenna I ruined at a young age by taking her anywhere and everywhere. Omar grew up in Rota where we didn’t have a ton to do. So I have been having to balance the child who wants to get out of the house to do anything and the child who will do anything to be able to stay home. Go figure. We managed to get to the beach, the pool, the library, the movies, paint pottery, Child and Youth Day downtown, my football practice and games, Omar’s soccer practice and games and did not kill each other!

Today I also had a Scentsy party at a friends, damn I am a sucker for those burners. I am happy I got a pretty new burner for my guest bathroom and my bedroom. I reaaaaally need to get some paint so I can start hanging all my crap up on my walls. I got the most BEAUTIFUL new comforter and I can’t wait to get my room all put together, it’s going to look great with some of my watercolors from France hanging up! I can’t wait!

Also sent out another care package for my sailor. Mail call came and he got his first two care packages I sent so now I can post pictures on here. I had a lot of fun packing them and decorating boxes. Care package ideas and post coming soon!

Now I have to try and get myself back on a school schedule because I was staying up WAY too late while we were on break. In fact last night I was still up when my bestie in Virginia was waking up in the morning… And no, 5 hours of sleep did not cut it. And yet, here I am again. 11pm and not tired in the slightest. NyQuil it is!