10 Day You Challenge ~10 Secrets~

I’ve seen this around the internet for awhile and thought it would be fun to do…

So… 10 Secrets:

1)I LOVE cereal. If I had a choice I would eat it every day, especially super sugary cereal and especially at nighttime.  I can’t buy Fruity Pebbles for my kids because I can’t leave them alone.

2)I am NEVER on time. Ever. Its annoying and I hate this fact about myself but I can never get out of the house on time. I always underestimate either how much time I need to get myself (and usually the kids as well) to get ready or how much time its actually going to take to get there.

3) I have had a VERY wide variety of pets. Dogs, cats, chinchillas, snakes, chameleons, bearded dragons, freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, reef tanks, rabbits, and even a gopher that was dragged in by one of my grandma’s cats.

4)I love to torment my dog, especially when he is sleeping. Playing with his ears, tickling the fur between his toes, just generally annoying him. Also his feet smell like corn chips. Dogs are weird.

5)I am a terrible Navy wife.  I don’t LOVE the military and I don’t think that everything they do is right. I don’t own any Navy clothing and I don’t have a “Navy Wife: toughest job in the military” bumper sticker.  I am happy that we have this job and that we have had the opportunity to travel and live around the world but I am not in the military, it’s just my husbands’ job.

6)I have gotten many friends addicted to my Amaretto Slushies. So good. Amaretto, O.J., lemonade, mix up, freeze. Perfect summer grown up drink.

7) Feeding people is one of my favorite things to do. I LOVE hosting parties and holidays and will find any excuse to have a potluck at work.

8)I have an insane amount of clean folded laundry piled up in my room. I can wash, dry, and fold but when it comes to putting it away I am the worst!  My very tolerant husband has learned to look through the piles if he needs some PT gear!

9)I LOVE to assemble things, especially furniture. If there is something that needs to get put together it is a given that I will be the one to do it.  After DOZENS of Ikea items I am somewhat of a professional when it comes to assembling pre-fab Swedish furniture. Bring it BILLY bookcase or MALM dresser.

10)This blog. I have been reading blogs for YEARS. I love them. I’ve been wanting to start one but I am a terrible, awful writer.  Creative writing is not my strong suit and am not someone who loves to write and has ambitions of writing a book one day. I really just saw how fast my life was flying by and thought that this would be a fun way for me to write down my daily life as a journal to look back on. We’ll see. I was always terrible with keeping  a diary.