Girls Weekend!

{So it starts out sounding a little crazy….}

A bunch of women from base are going to be spending the weekend at a hotel…

{…but then quickly goes downhill to boring mom-ville …}

and we are going to be scrapbooking the entire time!

I cannot tell you how much I need this. Just to get out of my head and spend some time on my favorite hobby that I am SO behind on.  I am not planning on spending the night but I do plan on hanging out for most of the day Saturday and possibly leaving my stuff and going back over Sunday (the hotel is only about 10 minutes from my house).

And even though I am looking forward to tomorrow -yay scrapbooking!- I am also a little nervous because while I know most of the women there, I don’t KNOW them. I don’t have any close friends in the group that’s going. So I am hoping that people actually talk to me and that I am not a loner the whole day because while I would probably get a lot done, that would crappy and boring. But enough with the girl crap.

So to get ready for this weekend I have been frantically trying to get all of my homework done ahead of time and it has kept me busy, along with night training for work this past Thursday. LOTS of fun stuff coming up at work, we are doing a TON of stuff for April for the Month of the Military Child because – shocker- we have quite a few military children! Also Feria, which is kind of like Spain’s county fair but that needs MULTIPLE posts with a ton of pictures.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

P.S. Birthday shout out to Ben, my son’s brother from another mother!  Happy 5th Birthday Ben!  Wish we could be there to share it with you!

Who me? Versatile Blogger Award!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1) Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them in my post
2) Share 7 things about me
3) Pass the award on to 15 more bloggers
4) Contact the bloggers I have chosen to let them know that they have been selected

So onward!

1) Thank you happiehippyrose for nominating me!  I’ve loved reading your blog (and reading years of your back posts) that have shared so much about your life in Hawaii.  It’s made me even MORE excited to move there!

2) Seven things about me:

  • I regularly drive my husband crazy with the recycling, sustainable energy and sustainable living lectures on a regular basis.  We have a long way to go but we’ll get there eventually!
  • I drink an insane amount of coffee. It’s terrible for me but I am addicted!  I think I have probably had five cups of coffee today and I’ll probably make another in a minute (its 10:28pm).
  • I have been to four continents and hope to make it to 6 within the next 10 years (South America and Australia I’m coming for you!)
  • I am my absolute happiest on the beach with a book in hand…
  • …speaking of which, I read 2-3 books a week. It is my therapy, my down-time, and my sleeping pill.
  • I have been married for a decade, which sounds SO long but in reality it went by in a flash. I am amazingly lucky to have found my wonderful husband who drives me up the wall then has me laughing my ass off a minute later (usually at myself).
  • When I was a stay-at-home-mom I couldn’t wait to get back to work and now that I work I look back on all those days and hours of free time I had with envy.  I love my job and I love working but I’ll be looking forward to taking time (at least this summer) off before working again. Although it’s very possible that when we do get to Hawaii I’ll start on my Master’s degree and volunteer instead of working.

3)    Fifteen Bloggers getting nominated!

The Engelbrecht Family – Jenn has four kids under six and just PCS’ed from Guam to Hawaii. I started reading her blog when we were looking at picking up orders for Guam.  I don’t know how she does it as a submariner’s wife, those deployments are terrible!

So-Called Paradise – Another Guam blog, super cute family that just took a trip to Australia (I can’t wait until she post pictures!)

Aisle to Aloha – Lindsey is adorable, fashionable, takes great photos and is expecting her first baby.  She is an amazingly talented painter and I am bummed that we probably aren’t going to be in Hawaii at the same time!

Our Nesting Place – Miranda is a talented blog designer with two little ones.  She has been kicking butt with boot camp lately and has been such an inspiration to me!

Hyperbole and a Half –  If you haven’t read her you are missing out on half of the jokes on the internet. Insanely funny, draws hilarious cartoons and used to live 1/2 hour away from where I used to live in Idaho.

Joy the Baker – I wish I could steal her. Joy is an awesome baker and one of the cutest people ever. Every post makes you feel as if you are chatting with her over a cup of coffee and enjoying something delicious she pulled out of the oven. She is also publishing her first cookbook!

Proud Life of a Chief’s Wife – Jessica is another Hawaii military spouse, on a bit of a hiatus as she just had her first baby last month.  She make SUPER cute customized military duty station signs.

Blonde Glambition – She is in the process of PCSing from Hawaii to Italy.  She loves the islands and is missing them already. I can’t wait to experience some of her favorite places on Oahu.

The Clean Bin Project – A couple and their roommate went waste-free for one year. While the project is over they still offer tons of information on going waste-free.

i could make that – Alison has an adorable blog that is a daily source of crafty inspiration!

Our Best Bites – Two moms with an awesome selection of ‘real’ recipes. I have made so many of their recipes it’s crazy.  Bacon wrapped green beans are now a staple in our house!

Household 6 Diva – Ann Marie is a military spouse living in Germany, great photos, cute kiddos and a hubby that just came home.

Delightfully Coconuts – Jamie is another military spouse in Germany, super crafty with two cute little girls.

Kelsey Lately – Kelsey is actually stationed here in Spain on the same base as I am.  She is back in the states temporarily. Wonderful photographer!

I had lots of fun doing this! I love finding new blogs and I hope you find some new ones on this list to love!

10 Day You Challenge ~Eight Fears~

These are the worst! Doesn’t everyone have the same fears? Anyways, here goes:

8) Loosing my teeth, bizarre but I have this nightmare every once in a while and it freaks me out.

7) Spiders, without question. HATE them. So glad my four year old son will now kill them for me.

6) Driving off a bridge with my kids in the car.  I got in a pretty bad accident on a bridge when I was a kid. An 18-wheeler hit our little car and I thought we were going to fall off. The worst! Now I’m really paranoid about going off a bridge, its really insane. I think about how I will get the kids out of the car, my oldest can swim so now I don’t have to worry about trying to swim with two children, its so crazy that I really think about this!

5) Millipedes in my shoes. Happened once as a kid, now I have to shake my shoes out anytime they are left outside.

4)Losing my family photos. Really shouldn’t happen. *knock on wood* I have everything backed up and I am about to double back up by sticking it all in cloud storage.

3) Losing my family. Yuck can’t think about it.

2) That our orders to Hawaii will get cancelled.

1) That by they time I’ve really figured out this deal called adulthood, I am going to be heading into middle age!

10 Day You Challenge ~9 Loves~

This should be easy, I love a lot of things!

9) Food! Particularly steak. Its my favorite food and I could eat it every day.  I’m lucky because Spain has GREAT beef!

8) Baking in general with a heavy emphasis on pie. Homemade apple pie. One of the reasons I am looking forward to the holiday season, more pie!

7) Gardening. This is a new one and it is kind of a love/hate. I really enjoy doing it when I have the time and energy for it but it stresses me out when I have a weedy flowerbed and no time to deal with it.

6) Watching documentaries. My husband and I are both just a little obsessed.

5) My dog. As crazy as he makes me he is adorable and so much fun to play with. He’s great with the kids and LOVES to wrestle and play fetch.

4) Traveling. I love exploring, getting lost, eating new foods and walking around strange cities.  Living in Europe has given us so many opportunities to travel… In the past three years we have been to France, Germany, Italy, England, Tunisia, the Canary Islands, Gibralter,  as well as a Seville, Barcelona, Marbella, and many other Spanish cities.  My kids could care less, they would rather hang out at home!

3)  Shoes. I am a little crazy with the shoes. My problem is that I buy Saturday night shoes instead of Tuesday morning shoes. So I have a closet full of impractical strappy sandals.

2) Reading. This is one past time that no matter how busy I get I have to read.  It doesn’t matter if it cuts into my sleep, I have to read before I go to bed.

1) My insane family. I love them all so much and can’t imagine having them around.

10 Day You Challenge ~10 Secrets~

I’ve seen this around the internet for awhile and thought it would be fun to do…

So… 10 Secrets:

1)I LOVE cereal. If I had a choice I would eat it every day, especially super sugary cereal and especially at nighttime.  I can’t buy Fruity Pebbles for my kids because I can’t leave them alone.

2)I am NEVER on time. Ever. Its annoying and I hate this fact about myself but I can never get out of the house on time. I always underestimate either how much time I need to get myself (and usually the kids as well) to get ready or how much time its actually going to take to get there.

3) I have had a VERY wide variety of pets. Dogs, cats, chinchillas, snakes, chameleons, bearded dragons, freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, reef tanks, rabbits, and even a gopher that was dragged in by one of my grandma’s cats.

4)I love to torment my dog, especially when he is sleeping. Playing with his ears, tickling the fur between his toes, just generally annoying him. Also his feet smell like corn chips. Dogs are weird.

5)I am a terrible Navy wife.  I don’t LOVE the military and I don’t think that everything they do is right. I don’t own any Navy clothing and I don’t have a “Navy Wife: toughest job in the military” bumper sticker.  I am happy that we have this job and that we have had the opportunity to travel and live around the world but I am not in the military, it’s just my husbands’ job.

6)I have gotten many friends addicted to my Amaretto Slushies. So good. Amaretto, O.J., lemonade, mix up, freeze. Perfect summer grown up drink.

7) Feeding people is one of my favorite things to do. I LOVE hosting parties and holidays and will find any excuse to have a potluck at work.

8)I have an insane amount of clean folded laundry piled up in my room. I can wash, dry, and fold but when it comes to putting it away I am the worst!  My very tolerant husband has learned to look through the piles if he needs some PT gear!

9)I LOVE to assemble things, especially furniture. If there is something that needs to get put together it is a given that I will be the one to do it.  After DOZENS of Ikea items I am somewhat of a professional when it comes to assembling pre-fab Swedish furniture. Bring it BILLY bookcase or MALM dresser.

10)This blog. I have been reading blogs for YEARS. I love them. I’ve been wanting to start one but I am a terrible, awful writer.  Creative writing is not my strong suit and am not someone who loves to write and has ambitions of writing a book one day. I really just saw how fast my life was flying by and thought that this would be a fun way for me to write down my daily life as a journal to look back on. We’ll see. I was always terrible with keeping  a diary.