Wide awake on a Friday Night

So the house is quiet, everyone has gone to bed hours ago and I am up at almost one a.m. Not really that late for me, especially on a weekend. I am tired but I just can’t shut my brain off! I just got a bit of my weekly homework done but I have LOADS I need to get done this weekend, including a final project and a quiz. Yuck. Just got an email with my actual graduation ceremony date, so that is exciting, but I have to actually pass these last two damn classes first!

Besides school I have a million per things rattling around in my brain:

Omg! Are we ever going to get our hard copy of orders so I can start planning? The Navy is killing me with this one!

Clean out all the closets and start selling crap.

Stop shoving food into my face, ten fifteen extra pounds aren’t cute.

Crap, keep forgetting to call and reserve our community center building for Bunco this month.

O went to bed with a fever tonight and is coughing now, hope he isn’t getting super sick.

Haven’t bought anything for the kids Easter baskets (not that they need a bunch of junk) Thank goodness mom sent them outfits so at least they will look cute.

Also haven’t grocery shopped for a single thing for Easter dinner. I am actually not even sure that the commissary got hams this year. Oh the joys of living overseas.

Also need to grocery shop in general, no food in the house, but also start eating all of the excess pantry items.

For Gods sake, clean the house!

It is really raining out there. Hope all the stray cats in the neighborhood don’t decide to come sleep on our cars again. At least the rain sounds nice.

Okay, I think I am done pouring my brain out and getting everything down that is making my head hurt. Can I just say I am REALLY looking forward to NEXT weekend when I hopefully will have much less on my plate and may actually be able to relax!

Really? NOW it’s going to rain!

Well we are finally getting some rain after a pretty dry winter. It’s a nice change from the crazy winds we’ve been getting (levantes). We really, really, really do need the rain because it doesn’t rain from about May to September and the┬áreservoirs┬áneed to get filled up.

But it couldn’t have come at a worse time!

Today is our big base wide Easter Egg Extravaganza and it was cancelled due to a thunderstorm warning.

The kids are disappointed but with a thunderstorm warning in effect there really isn’t anything anyone can do about it. We are hoping to reschedule it for next weekend. It’s only a pain for me because I was going to be working it so I got up early on a Saturday!

And of course everyone is just mad because it was cancelled, no matter that it was for safety reasons. Oh well you just can’t make some people happy! Meanwhile after cleaning everything up and packing it all away I got to come home earlier than I thought which was nice. Now I am going to have to try to motivate myself to get some stuff done today instead of enjoying the rain from my couch with a cup of coffee!