So our Easter Egg hunt was rained out so we decided to go run around town…


First stop: Lunch. We grabbed kebabs in El Puerto.



M was journaling our day...


Yum. Shawarma Kebab!


Fries with kebab meat and sauce. I did share these with the whole family. They weren't just for me!

Then off to do some shopping at Decathlon. We actually came home empty handed because we were looking to buy a ripstick. We are all a bit obsessed with riding M’s right now. The ones they had were super pricey so we’ll probably just order from Amazon.


But if there is ANYTHING you could ever need, it would be here. They have EVERY sport imaginable.


Horse tack, just in case.


I don't even know what Padel is... It's not raquetball and it's not tennis.




So we came away empty handed today but I think I want to go back because they had some super cute swimsuits out. Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!


Avoiding the Christmas to do list…

I am feeling VERY overwhelmed by Christmas this year.

I LOVE this holiday, I love decorating, shopping, baking, cooking, all of it.

For some reason I am just not getting excited this year. Maybe its the fact that this is the first year that I am working outside of the home full time… That plus school is just making me wonder where on earth I am going to find the time to pull everything out and get the shopping done.

I keep seeing facebook posts from my friends who got all their shopping done on Black Friday and had their decorations up this past weekend. Good for you, I am hoping to have my tree up before Christmas and hope everyone I have to buy for has a wish list on Amazon.

Maybe once I get my decorations out I’ll feel a little more into the season, but at this point I am feeling very grinchy toward Christmas! Isn’t Santa supposed to take care of all the kids toys anyways?

Date night!

So tonight is my belated birthday/anniversary dinner out with my husband… I think I finally decided to go out to Bar Jamon.  I’ll have to take some pictures of what I end up ordering.

Took one of my friends to the mall today, Las Dunas in Sanlucar.  I LOVE that mall, H&M, Sfera, Zara, Casa and 100 Montaditos, my favorite sandwich place ever!  Picked up some new fall stuff, some 10 euro jeans at H&M, managed not to just buy a crapload of stuff for the kids like I usually do.  For anyone moving to Rota, don’t worry that you won’t have anywhere to shop. Between Las Dunas, El Paseo and Area Sur mall (all within 20 minutes) you are set. Plus if you want to drive a little further out you can hit El Corte Ingles which is a department store similar to Macy’s.

Tried not to buy TOO much winter stuff since hopefully this will be my last winter for awhile! I actually don’t ever really like to wear winter clothes. Not a huge fan of long sleeves or sweaters. I generally wear short sleeves and then layer!  I really wanted to buy some flat leather boots but all the ones I found were around 130 Euro which translates to a hell of a lot of dollars. Ouch. I’ll have to put them on my Christmas list!

Off to get ready so I can go pick up the sitter, while I LOVE my sitter I really really wish she could drive!